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1. How to refill Stamina?
5 Stamina will be generated every 30 minutes. You can also buy Stamina with Diamonds.

2. What is AFK-Practice?               
You will enter AFK-Prac status if you don't give any commands to your character for 2 minutes. You will receive Exp for 8h even when you are away from keyboard. The duration will be extended to 24 hours if you reach VIP Lv2.

3. How to gain Reputation?         
You can gain Reputation through PvP fights in the Arena,Exploration, World Boss, Tournament and packages in the Crest Shop.

4. What do the three primary stats do?  
STR affects your Physical Attack and Defense; TEC affects your Skill Attack and Defense; INT affects your Magic Attack and Defense.

5. What is CS?   
CS is short for Crystal Scores. Equipping better or higher levelled Crystals will increase your CS.

6. What does Synthesize do?      
You can gain gears of blue or better quality through synthesization. Make them by combining Plans, required Materials and gears ofthe lesser level together.

7. How to get green quality equipment  
You can buy green quality gears from Edward in Miracle City.Bosses in normal Instances will sometimes drop random green gears.

8. How to get Plans         
An Elite Boss will drop a random plan after being defeated.

9. How to synthesize gears?        
Double-click a Plan to open the Synthesize interface where you can synthesize gears.

10.What about the Forging Level after the synthesization?
A gear's Forging Level will reduce by 5 after synthesization, but the stat bonus will increase significantly.

11.How to put gears on my companions?              
Open the character interface, press and hold your hero and drag the avatar to the left to see other companions in your party. Then open the backpack and put the gears on their gear slots.

12.Where do I find the required materials to synthesize gears?
Double-click a Plan to open the Synthesize interface, then tap a material icon to automatically go to the Instance where this material can be found.

13.How to sell things I don't need anymore?
Open your backpack and tap Shop, then drag the things you want to sell into the shop to sell them.

14.How can I buy back things I accidentally sold?               
On the Shop interface, tap Buy Back button to buy back the things you accidentally sold. Sold items will be refreshed every 30 mins.

15.When Talent will be unlocked?            
After you complete the plot quest Captain Skeleton and your hero has reached Lv3, Talent will be unlocked.

16.How to upgrade the talents?
You can spend your Honor Pts to upgrade different talents.

17.What is the SPD of the formations?   
SPD (Speed) decides which side is going to attack first at the beginning of a combat. Each upgrade on a formation will increase its speed by 100.

18.How to switch formations?
Open the formation interface, select a formation you want to change and tap Activate on the bottom right corner.

19.How to change the companions to fight for me in battles?
Press and hold the portrait of a companion and drag it to an empty slot on your formation.

20.What is Exploration anyway?
Exploration will be focusing on finding and recruiting mighty Companions. With them fighting for you, you'll find your adventure much easier!

21.How can I unlock Exploration?
When your hero reaches approximately Lv11, Exploration will be unlocked.

22.So what do I do to explore?  
Look for [Rumor] to extract the information about the companions. Once you focus on the companion you like, [Explore] and try to befriend him/her. If you fail to find a companion, you have a chance to earn some random rewards instead.

23.What can i do with lore points?
You will gain lore points by spending diamonds in Rumor and Explore.Lore points can be changed for silver contract chest in the lore shop. You have a chance to obtain a random contract to recruit any one of the silver exploration companions! and after lv 50, you can also exchange lore points for keepsakes, which are the key items to befriend gold companions.

24.How can I unlock Alchemy?
After you complete the plot quest King's Summoning and your hero has reached Lv25, Alchemy will be unlocked.

25.What does Alchemist do?
There are 5 Alchemists serving you. Higher level Alchemists will have a higher chance to give you better Crystals. Lv5 Alchemist sometimes gives you a Crystal Shard.

26.How do I keep the Crystals that are useful for me?
You can drag the Crystals you want to keep into your Crystal Bag, where you can equip the Crystals on your characters.

27.How to stock Energy?              
You can stock Energy with the crystals you don't need.Energy can be used to upgrade crystals. In the Crystal Bag, you can also drag the crystals to the Energy Icon to stock them.

28.How to upgrade the Crystals?
In the Crystal Bag, drag a crystal you want to upgrade to the upgrade circle and level it up with Energy you have stocked.

29.What's the use of Crystal Shards?
In the Crystal Bag, tap Exchange Shards to view the Rare Yellow Crystals you can exchange.
30.Can I hide/show other players on my screen?
You can set the number of players shown on your screen from 10 to 50 in System Settings.

31.How to shut down the game completely?      
Press Home button to return to the desktop, double-tap Home button to display the recently accessed apps, press and hold the icon of the game until the red circled minus button appears, tap the minus to shut the game.

32.Can I delete my game data?  
For your account safety, your data cannot be deleted. You can only register one account on one device.

33.How to Rebirth?         
If your main hero is under lv 50, you can use Character Rebirth after you bind your account.Please note that all your character data will be erased after the Rebirth(Diamond Balance will be kept).

34.How to bind account on device?         
Tap System Settings and then select Register Now to bind your account with an email address.

35.How to change device?           
Make sure you have registered on both of the devices, then you can login with any of your accounts.

36.Forgot your password?           
You can only reset the password of the account which is bound to your device. Tap Switch Account at the login page and select Reset Password.

37.How many Daily Quests can I finish in one day?            You can finish 6 Daily Quests in one day.

38.What can I get for completing the Daily Quests?         
There are 5 star ranks for Daily Quests. Completing 3/4/5-star quests will earn you the precious Starfire Crests, Heroic Phantoms, Honor or even Diamonds etc.Completing 4/5-star quests might additionally reward you with Celestial Badges.

39.How do I join the World Boss event?               
Once your hero reaches Lv40, you can take part in the World Boss event.

40.When will the World Boss event start?            
The World Boss event will be held from 13:00 - 14:00 and 20:00 - 21:00 every day.

41.What can I get from joining the World Boss event?      
Each battle against the Boss will earn you some Gold and Reputation. Those who rank the DPS Top 20 will get a bonus Gold and Rep. The lucky one who gives the Boss the final blow will receive a Boss Kill Reward.

42.How to add friends?
On the Social interface, tap Add button and input a player's name to add him/her. You can also tap Add button on the chat pane and select players to add.

43.How to view the info of other players?            
Once you add a player on your friend list, you can view his/her Guild and Character Info by tapping the magnifier icon next to his/her portrait.

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Post time: 2013-09-12 17:12:08
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For number 3: Rep is Also available through Dragon Lair.
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Post time: 2013-09-21 11:11:14
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How to get three starts in instances?, how to get cristal shards?

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Post time: 2013-09-22 01:52:58
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Ankhoa replied at 2013-09-21 11:11
How to get three starts in instances?, how to get cristal shards?

Crystal shards come from failing on the 5th alchemist- however successful attempts result in yellows and for some dumb reason blue gems.

3 stars in an instance are diffrent from elites and while some of these aspects can vary they all hold value on getting the 3*'s
1) speed of kill
2) formation used
3) enemy not using skill attacks
4) no one dieing
5) damage taken

And I will reiterate, u can fail on 1-2 areas and still achieve 3* though
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Edited by barracuda2u@yah at 2013-10-22 11:50

I'm not getting the daily benefit for "Sharing" with Facebook. I click the Share button. The screen prompts you to sign into facebook. I did the first time and i allow Dragon Bane to share. But i did not notice myself getting the benefit that i "Shared". What am i not doing to get the facebook benefit by "Sharing"?

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Post time: 2013-10-22 23:32:35
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how to upgrade level of formation? help please

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Post time: 2014-07-25 06:15:00
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Please help I forget my game pass

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barracuda2u@yah replied at 2013-10-22 11:49
I'm not getting the daily benefit for "Sharing" with Facebook. I click the Share button. The screen  ...

That had never worked and we all just ignore it

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exactly when do you get your vip diamond bonus reward? (day of week + time) plz

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clover_6669 replied at 2014-08-17 00:53
exactly when do you get your vip diamond bonus reward? (day of week + time) plz

Sunday night at midnight going into Monday morning.
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