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[Game Guide] Mages, Farseers, Druids Build Guide [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2016-03-04 16:42:41
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Edited by Salgod at 2016-03-04 18:12


This guide will focus on the above classes.  Druid mains won’t be discussed much because an in depth guide on druid mains should be released in the near future. This guide will focus on 3 classes at once because the builds overlap big time.  It just didn’t make sense to write a separate guide for each class.

Pure Offensive (Magic):

This build will focus on high damage output.  It will sacrifice some survivability.  It is best suited for mages focusing on magic attack but can be used by farseers or druids who want to maximize magic output.

Title(s): Odysseus, Archmage, Bishop, Magician.

Gems: Magic atk, Int, crit, lethal, counter, hp.

Alchemy: Magic atk, crit, lethal, counter, hp, crit/lethal,counter/?, magic atk/?, hp/?.

Gear: Comp specific gear or soul, or flame or a combination of them to maximize crit and lethal gear bonuses.

Zodiac Gems: Focus on magic attack boost and damage reduction.

Training: Intellect.

Specs: Max magic attack, critical (if applicable), and hp.

This build is basically your prototypical venus build.  The magic atk/? is referring to epic crystals.  Just pick whichever second stat fits your build.

Pure Offensive (Skill):

This build will focus on maximum skill output but sacrifices survivability.  It’s ideal for a comp like Gabriel, but can also be used by certain druids and farseers.

Title(s): Perseus, Warlord, Marksmen.

Gems: Skill atk, tec, crit, lethal, pierce or hit, hp.

Alchemy: Skill, crit, lethal, pierce, crit/lethal, hp/hit,pierce/skill, hp, hit.

Gear:  Combine gears for multiple crit or lethal bonuses. Comp specific gear is ideal once you have the resources to upgrade it.

Zodiac Gems: Skill attack boost, damage reduction.

Training: Tec.

Specs: Max skill, hp, and crit (if applicable).

Bonus Build:  Pure Offensive (Hybrid):

This build is just a combination of the above builds. It’s best suited for Gabriel and Venus.  You really need DE gems to make it work. Just combine the two above builds and you’ve got a comp that is good(but not great) at both skill and magic attack. There are too many variations to go over, so just combine aspects of the above builds if you want to try this.  I only suggest it for advanced players who have a very good feel for the comp they are building.

Defense/Support Build:

This build is really only for Farseers and Druids.  I’d use one of the above builds if you are building a mage.  This build focuses on consistent magic damage and high survivability.

Title(s): Hector, Warlord, Archmage.

Gems: Resilience, hp, magic atk, intellect, block, counter(optional).

Alchemy: resilience, block, res/block, hp, hp/?, resistance, parry/resistance, counter, counter/?. (If you don’t want to build counter then go with parry and magic attack).  If you have Arendale then you can ignore resistance in favor of counter or any other stat that you like.

Gear:  Comp specific gear and soul gear are great here.

Zodiac Gems: Damage reduction and magic attack boost.  If you comp has anything like stun or damage debuffs then add those here too.  If they don’t then add stun resistance.

Training: Int.

Specs: Max Resilience (if applicable), hp, magic attack.

This is your best bet as a druid or farseer if you want sustained damage and good survivability. This is the ideal druid build. Druid mains could definitely use this build.  If you want it to be skill attack focused then you just swap skill/tec everywhere you see magic/int.  You also wouldn’t want to build counter if you are going the skill route.  You can add hit/pierce instead.  You can also put some more emphasis on your ed influencing stats to up your skill output.  That goes for any build for mains.  Always keep those ed stats in the back of your mind.  With druids resilience is HUGE.  Make sure it’s a top priority.  It’s the only way you can survive long enough to have an impact.

That’s it for the magic classes guide.  I hope this will be helpful.  If you have any specific questions please ask below.

Sorry about random words being combined.  Anytime I fix one new ones pop up.  This forum is wacky like that sometimes.

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Post time: 2016-03-04 17:01:33
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Thank you as always Sal!

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Post time: 2016-03-04 17:02:51
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Pheonix_Akuma replied at 2016-03-04 18:01
Thank you as always Sal!

no problem!
IGN:  Salgod - S1 Dawn
Guild: Wardogs - Observer S1/2/3
CRBG Champions: I, II, III, IV.
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Post time: 2016-04-18 22:48:04
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reads scratches head ..ursala...build...skill?

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