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[Game Guide] One Druids Journey of Survival [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2016-03-05 17:02:21
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Edited by Lycer at 2016-03-21 15:15

One Druid's Journey of Survival

Let me start by saying I've never written a guide before. Forgive me that this isn't a straight-forward guide, but more of a personal tail of learning and my journey as a druid thus far. This has been my experience, and my suggestions here may not be whats right for you and your team.

-In the Beggining...
So I've played a few MMORPG's before, and I have always chosen a magic user as my character. In a lot of RPG's magic users are often considered "glass cannons", meaning they have low survival rate, but will hit decent damage or at least have some great skills/effects.

From general chatter and some brief reading on the forums I learned early on that Druids are considered "squishy" meaning we have a hard time surviving compared to other classes. With that in mind I began my journey with 3 basic stats in mind, HP, Int, and Magic Attack.

Furthering my learning about this game, I learned about skill attacks, rage, and over-rage. So over-rage giving extra damage by percentage % I started building on Tec and Skill Atk as well.

Having a Mage in a game I was addicted to previous to DBE, I was used to the idea of hiding my main behind some kind of protector. Early on in my journey we were given Titania free from an event. Perfect for me! And for quite a while my main did well hiding behind Titania.

Although I was always trying to build up HP, I never really focused anything on defenses. Nor did I bother building up Resil, back in that phase of gameplay not a whole lot of people on my server had much crit/lethal so Resil seemed pretty pointless (at that time). However at this point in the game defenses and resilience are a must!

-Skills Suggestions: Early in the game its best/easiest to use an AoE skill (skill attack that hits all enemies at once). Your 2 choices are Date of Rebirth, or Lullaby. I chose to go with Date of Rebirth because I was running a Bunny in my team. Rebirth gives your own team +25 rage. Having lvl 10 Date of Rebirth gives +25 rage for Bunny which was really nice stacked with Lulu's +20 buff. While Lullaby gives a Rage-down effect to enemies. A lot of people find the enemy rage down more effective in battle for them.

I went with Rebirth though. Personally I was hoping the amount of HP healed was going to be drastically higher than it turned out to be at lvl 10.

Now I'm at a stage in the game where I find having a single shot skill is more effective, at least in PvP. I use the single shot Sacred Smash. The skillshot itself increases your main's crit, and also lowers enemy magic def & poisons. However the best feature is that, on regular magic attack it gains +35 rage, allowing you to skill shot quite often when paired with a Luna (or Lulu). And easy to build some extra over-rage for more dmg too.

-Present Day Battles...
I hear a lot of druids say that their main is their weakest comp.. This saddens me.. I've built my main up to be my strongest asset on my team. And as of recently can beat people's entire teams (people around 1.3-1.5mill+ OA or so) with just my main and Luna. Theres no reason for a druid to be squishy OR weak! We are given a decent HP spec going up to 95%, Skill Defense, Magic Defense, AND Resilience specs! Thats 4 reasons to not be squishy! Not to mention we are given specs for both of our attacks, Magic Atk and Skl Atk! Not all the other main classes are so lucky! Sure our spec %'s aren't as high as some others, but honestly don't let that small fact make you feel handicapped

I have built on my HP, Int, and a bit on Tec as my primary factors. Secondarily building crit, lethal, skl def, mag def. I have a fair amount of Resilience for not having anything built into it at all... Don't really know how that happened. As you can see in the pics below.

Intellect is very important to Druids because it effects both our Magic Atk and our Skl Atk's elemental damage. Intellect is calculated into our Elemental Dmg. I noticed when I dramatically increased my Intellect, my skill atk dmg also showed great increase.
I feel we also got pretty lucky when it comes to Elemental Dmg required stats as well. Intellect, Magic Atk, Skl Def, and Phy Def. Well Int and Matk play into our other attack, and we get a spec for Skl Def. Not bad if you ask me.

So with high intellect I have a pretty strong magic hit. Paired with a single-shot skill atk that does really good dmg. Basically makes both my magic and skill pretty formidable strikes.
On most players about around my range, my magic attack usually hit about 270k-300k regular, and up to 400-450k+ critical. My Single skill shot averages about 800k-1.3m regular and can hit up to 1.5-2m critical. I don't claim to be super strong like a lot of pro's here, but I do well. On a merged s8-9 server I usually rank about 14 every night in Arena.

-Some Different Build Possibilities:
(My Build)
I chose to mix a bit of power and durability, mostly leaning towards power than defenses though. Its not the best of both worlds but it evens out for a good combination of surviving and causing dmg

Title: Warlord

Gems: HP, Int, Matk, Tec, Skl Atk, Crit
Meta Gems: HP, Int, Tec, Crit, Skl Def, Mag Def

Alchemy: Hp/Block, Matk/Crit, Skl Atk/Lethal, Matk, Skl Atk, Rage, Crit

Gear: Dlair 110

Maxed Specs: HP, Matk, Skl Atk

(Attack Build)
This build would (hopefully) yield the best damage but will need to keep your Druid protected. Best paired with a Luna and Roger, and main to be placed in back of formation to hide from frontal damage.

Titles: Hector, Warlord, Archmage

Gems: Int, Matk, Crit, Lethal, HP, Tec

Alchemy: Hp/Resil, Mag/Crit, Skl Atk/Lethal, Matk, Skl Atk, Crit, Rage
(Doubling up on Magic and Skill for best dmg)

Gear: Dlair 110, or Soul Armor

Specs: Max out Matk, Skl Atk, and HP

Skill Atk: I'd go with Sacred Smash, quickly builds more rage

(Tank Build)
If you have some strong attacking comps in your party already that hit pretty high dmg, consider better survivability for your main. I mainly recommend Magic and Skill Defense because we get specs for those. For this build I would probably recommend going with EITHER magic attack or Skl attack, but trying to build both won't turn out too well.

Title: Hector, Warlord

Gems: HP, Resil, Block, Int/Matk, Tec/Skl Atk, Magic Def, Skl Def

Alchemy: Pretty much Hp, Resil, Block, and some Magic or Skl Atk.

Specs: HP, Resil, Mag Def, Skl Def

I will post some pics below to show what I am working with. Keep in mind there are some way better druids than me out there, who may have built there's completely different. I'm not saying mine is the best way, its just the way I personally chose to build. Druids are still kind of in the mysterious phase, with a few different ways/options to build that we haven't clearly formed a cookie-cutter "perfect druid" formula like the other main classes have (for the most part).

Shows Gear Promotion

S9 - Highborne
Guild - The Legion (Elite)

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Post time: 2016-03-06 10:16:43
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Great Druid main guide! I'll add it to the game guides list soon.
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Post time: 2016-03-07 15:11:07
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So I'm not here to criticize but to offer some counter points.  First druid is still a lesser main class than hunter, zerk, or swordie.  The reason I say that is that hunters can be all skill attack and dodge, zerks can be all phys att and counter, and swordies just live forever.  As you have shown with your druid, you have to split your focus to be decent.

Secondly, when you put together a team, you have to use your druid main as a mag damage dealer, when there are a lot of better choices for magic damage, via one shot damage (sargus) or irony (column damage, poison, does about same damage as druid main mag att).  You could use your main as a AOE or skill damage, but then you are again giving up another better comp that does even more skill based damage.

I think yours is the best druid that I have seen around, but still lacking compared to other mains or other team builds.

I think there is no good fix to druid because of how the game is designed and how team building works.

These are just some ramblings by a retired druid.

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Post time: 2016-03-07 21:20:54
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All hope for humanity lost... 62 views only? Are you kidding me?

- Thanks for your wonderful guidance Lycer. How can I ever repay you?

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Post time: 2016-03-08 09:26:18
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Sweet Druid Build!!!... now to build the rest of your team.
Keep up the good work, let's see each other on PVP.
Druids comps changes/update

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Post time: 2016-03-08 18:16:26
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Nice job Lycer. Most people that said Druids are the weakest class just don't understand druids. They are not glass cannons as you may have realized. To describe them, I'd say they are sustain aoe damage comps. They are very versatile and very good in a team so don't underestimate druids. I built my whole team of druids (with the exception of Luna) because I think they are strong and i just like them a lot and also to show people that druids are not weak.

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Post time: 2016-03-08 20:05:55
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Great post, thank you Lycer!
See you some day in the future!

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Post time: 2016-03-08 21:49:01
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Than u for the guide. Great spec

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Post time: 2016-03-08 21:49:30
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Hmmmm, lots to consider here. Appreciate your suggestions

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Post time: 2016-03-10 00:28:15
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I'm not even a druid main, but thank you for taking the time to write this guide! All of the classes have their strengths and weaknesses, so thank you for showcasing how awesome druids can be! I don't see a lot of them because the general consensus is that "they suck", which is obviously not true. Cheers mate!

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