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[Game Guide] Comp cost [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2016-06-22 13:57:55
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Edited by Verto at 2016-06-22 13:57

I decided to do this guide because i would've like one back when i started to better choose who i got and when. There may be other's like this, but, sorry, i didn't see it. Please no random comments, but if you've got a comp i don't and want to put it on, please do, also if the same comp i got cost you different, please put yours up so people can see difference, because variation do occur for ex. On Kuan, his last 100 notes i got them with an almost 75% drop rate, but it still averaged out to be 50% for the whole amount.
I will include as much information as i remember. Box amount, cost per box, drop rate, etc. All of the comp cost will be rounded for ease, ex. Asuka, i think she cost me a little over 36K, but i got her over a year ago so i can't remember exactly. Sorry. And for those that know me in game, i'm not including certain comps, because i got those from events or from months of free or nearly free scrolls. I'm also not counting Black market. This is strickly for when buying the comp boxes. again, sorry.

Name:     Star and Class:        Cost per Box:            Drop Rate:         Box Amount:           Total Cost:

Asuka:     3gs Berzerker:              30 (full price)            1/6                  1200                     36,000 dias
Luna:       3gs Priest:                    20 (half price)           5%                  2000                    40,000 dias
Kuan:       4gs Berzerker:              25 (half price)          50%                 1200                    30,000 dias
Venus:     4gs Mage:                   25 (half price)            40%                1500                     37,500 dias
Lin:         4gs Monk:                   25 (half price)            35%                 1700                    42,500 dias
Bobo:      4gs Berzerker:             15 (30% cost)          34.3%               1750                    26,250 dias
Cevaton: 4gs Berzerker:             15 (30% cost)           35%                 2000                     30,000 dias
Woody:   4gs Hunter:                 20 (half price)             5%                  2500                    50,000 dias
Afro:       4gs Sword:                  20 (half price)             5%                  5000                   100,000 dias

IGN: Verto / Vertum
Server: 13

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Post time: 2016-07-18 02:54:09
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It's a nice pretty close call for the comps, but you being too generous with the ES drop rate.
Between Cindragosa, Arendale (and now saving for Luna possibly) the drop rate is 3%.
Last year I would agree w the 5% but it has definitely went down.
Vejr - the owl knows best - at least 0.08% of the time (all 50 states)

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Post time: 2016-07-18 12:51:00
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Cynthia, all sale chests was roughly 35% drop rate.
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Post time: 2016-08-05 21:42:28
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Damian- 2,460 chests. 24.3% drop rate. Got 500 chests at 15 Dias, total was 55,700 diamonds

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Post time: 2016-08-06 10:18:21
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In case anyone is still going to be playing this in a month, the drop rate for Tyrant (Washingdom) has been a consistent 33%. That puts him at around roughly 280,000 dias.

And the drop rate is definitely much lower for ES.. most of my server gets a consistent 1-3% for mars chests.

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