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[Game News] 6 Archangels & the Babel Tower [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2016-09-08 04:54:45
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Once upon ago, before humans and other races were created, Aeons were the dominators of this world. Every Aeon on the Holylight land have a same language. They decided to build up a spendid tower so that they could see the god.
God was pissed and he wanted those arrogant Aeons to be punished. So he went down and confounded their speech, so that they could not understand each other anymore. The Babel Tower was thus canceled.

Nowadays, the Babel Tower is guarded by 6 Archangels: Sera, Uriel, Remiel, Metatron, Michael and Raphael. They are the 6 seals which diminish those Aeons. To defeat them will greatly enchance your Aeons' power and those Archangels will all become new comps for DBE!!!

Here are some pics for those 6 Archangels. You can leave your own comments below to endow them with classes, special features and skills. They will be released very soon along with the brand-new features Babel Tower and Aeon Legion!

Please feel free to leave your ideas&comments!
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Post time: 2016-09-08 07:28:00
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Remiel looks the best. Definitely my favorite.

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Post time: 2016-09-08 15:16:21
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Are these chest / scroll / CRC comps? They look badass.

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Post time: 2016-09-08 16:09:41
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If you're asking for opinions on each, here are mine :

Metatron - Berserker Class
Normal  Attack - Increase the physical attack by 10% each successful attack, active for 3 turns.
Skill Attack - Increases Physical Attack by 50%

Special Skill - Cannot be Dodged or Blocked

Michael - Guardian Class
Normal Attack - Increases Resillience/Defenses/Block for entire party by 15% (Could be random of what it increases) Stack for 3 turns
Skill Attack - Absorbs all damage for team for 1 turn

Special - Magic Immune/Physical Immune or Skill attack immune (1 of them)

Raphael - Mage
Normal Attack - Increases Mage Attack for 15% and 300 Resillience per attack (Stack for 2 turns)
Skill Attack - Increase mage attack for 30% (Doesn't attack enemies, just increases)
Special - Cannot be countered

Sera - Assassin
Normal Attack - Increases parties hit and pierce by 300 every successful hit (Stack for 3 turns) Increases 10% HP of total damage done to an enemy
Skill Attack - Attacks entire enemy party but decreases enemies block/resillience

Special - Cannot be blocked

Uriel - Swordsman
Normal Attack - Every successful hit increases block by 400 and hit by 200
Skill Attack - Heals himself for 40% of original HP
Special - Can block magic attacks

Remiel - Druid
Normal Attack - Increases Block and Magic Attack meanwhile deraging enemies.
Skill Attack - Attack to all enemies with chance to stun
Special - Gives entire party 15% Magic attack bonus when alive

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Post time: 2016-09-08 16:09:57
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So how many months/years do we have to wait for this to actually happen?
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Post time: 2016-09-08 19:40:17
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Dragonsbane replied at 2016-09-08 16:09
So how many months/years do we have to wait for this to actually happen?

Haha not really... Actually they will be released very soon. Around the tail of Sep.

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Post time: 2016-09-09 01:04:03
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I can't wait!

Metatron is an assassin because the game doesn't need any more berserker comps. Very high initial lethal. Crit and lethal go up by 10% after each attack.

Michael is a priest: make the whole party magic immune, physical immune or skill immune with each normal attack . Normal attack heals all team by 20% and deal magic damage to single opponent. Skill attack heals the whole team by 50%. It's way past time for a new priest!

Raphael is a Druid: increases the skill defense of team by 50% while alive. Skill attack increases the rage by 20 and lethal by 250 for the whole team. Normal attack to a row.

Sera is a hunter: uncounterable, very high skill attack to a single comp, skill attack increases physical attack by 50% for 3 turns. Physical and skill attacks have 50% chance to  Crit. She can also dodge magic attacks with 40% chance.

Uriel is a sword or guardian

Remiel is a farseer
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Post time: 2016-09-09 11:40:52
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Post by Authenticity +1

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Post time: 2016-09-09 23:00:12
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Metatron is a guardian of children. Guardian
Normal- (STR)single atk with a 25% chance to greatly diminishes targets rage
Skill. Single atk greatly increases chances of block for whole form and prevents debuff for one turn
Special. 20% chance to return 10% of damage received also has a 10% chance to prevent other comps death by sacrificing his own hp

Michael means like god. Also leader of archangels and a destroyer of fear... Assassin
Normal- (STR)cross atk increasing his rage by 35
Skill- high crit to single target with 20% chance to obtain all rage of the target
Special- never misses and increases formations damages by 7%  and block chances by 10%

Raphael- meaning god heals.. if it was up to me.... Which it isn't I d change the name to
JOPHIEL - meaning beauty of god... Mage or priest (heals according to damage dealt to enemy)
Normal-(int) cross atk to enemies that heals your formation by 20% of highest damage dealt
Skill- single target life drain (heals JOPHIEL only) and has chance to stun
Special- reduces enemies heal abilities by 10% and increases your formations max health by 10% based off each  individual's max HP

Sera- meaning judgement of god  Farseer
Normal- (int)back row atk that reduces crit of enemies and increases sera's crit chance
Skill- high crit + lethal damage to single enemy
Special- 25% chance ( when skill atk results in death of enemy) to revive a fallen friend by 50% of damage dealt to foe also greatly increases formations resilience based off % of each individual

Uriel- gods light. Protector of earth. Sword
Normal- (STR)single atk reduces foes hit/counter
Skill- single atk and greatly increases formations dodge for 1 turn
Special- gods light sees all and is counter immune and more likely to block/dodge attacks

Remial- thunder of god, mercy of God. Unknown
Normal- (int) 75% chance to atk a single target with a  30% chance to stun if successful / if no atk he is all atk immune for one turn
Skill- cross atk with a chance to cause any debuff
Special- increases debuff damages by 10% for entire team and has a 25% chance to prolong debuffs by one turn regardless of how enemy received debuff

Would also like to see a comp that increases formations Tyson
Just my thoughts
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Post time: 2016-09-12 19:47:53
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Edited by magicites at 2016-09-12 20:56

Remiel: Druid/Mage
Normal magic atk: Row attack; 30% chance to stun
Skill: Attack all; cannot be countered
Special: always crit.

Sera: Assasin
Normal phys atk: back row single target attack; increase crit by 500 for 2 turns and lethal by 200 for 2 turns; cannot miss.
Skill: Back row single target attack; either 30% or 50% chance to assasinate (instantly kills a target)
Special: 30% chance to heal back 15% of damage dealt

Raphael: Priest
Normal: Restore 15% HP for all team members and increase Raphael's counter and magic attack by 20%. This can be overlapped 5 times max.
Skill: Restore either 10% or 15% Max HP for all members each turn for the rest of the fight.
Special: Debuffs all team members every time Raphael is attacked by normal attacks and increase all types of defenses for all team members by 6%. This can be stacked up to 5 times.

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