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Author: Dragon123

2nd Angel - Farseer Remiel [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2016-10-29 09:13:18
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yeah big mistake in the calculation...hehee...yeah if you build both for pure damage, then it should be really high.

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Post time: 2016-11-01 08:48:59
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Very sad that farssers resistance specs only go up to 35% and remiels aeon doesn't give resistance only. After building remiel a bit it looks like he struggles to make his resistance go higher than 2k which means his a 1 hot for banes. Sucks that farseers are supposed to be the resistance based class but only have 35% compare to hunters 60%. Hopefully remis aeon gets his skl attk off and changed to resistance or at least boost farseers resistance spec to 40%

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