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[Discussion] Game is a joke [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-19 22:19:16
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Its with great disappointment that I say this but this game is broken. No this isn't the end of the world. This is a vital life issue but this is a product and as with all products we expect to get what we pay for. I and many others have posted threads like this countless times and the results have been nothing but silence and calls for us to be patient and anticipate something in the future that never comes.
As of lately the Devs have ramped up new comps and new upgrades for us all to enjoy and it was a little fun and unfortunately for us top players way too much money. That being said we still paid. We bought Sariel who is immune to counter!!!! Ooppppppppps. No she isn't. She is now usually most of the time on most situations immune to counter.... Unlike Arendale and Zora and others that are actually immune to counter. This is t the end of the world but players should be compensated for this change. Devs should have acknowledged it and made one official statement, with compensation or a return policy that would be considered acceptable for all. Instead they lied to us. Asked for patience, and gave us numerous different responses and then decided to arbitrarily change her description unannounced.
This was deception in the least fraud or theft at worst but it was and still is unacceptable.

New comps are here. Uriel - broken. I do t use him so I don't remember exactly what it is but wtf the comp had been out for a couple months and it's still broken.

Metatron- stun works great.... But the comp never misses a turn. Comps been out a month and still broken.       hubris gets released and breaks CRWB and apparently breaks RB and WB

Maybe that wasn't all Hubris but still events are broken.

Hubris also is mega hittingEva somehow. Pretty much a broken situation.

These problems basically determined the winner of CoH. Not saying anything bad about Masterbenzo but his Hubris was dealing extra damage throughout the tournament and that combined with metatron's stuns not working properly was a huge advantage that some could make a valid argument determined the winner.

Training is broken for all except VIP 8 and above so new comps are being used untrained. This has been a problem for a month.

RB is busted so players cannot get contribution. Now this isn't a major issue since most items in build store are virtually useless anyway.

The games format is pay and receive the materials and comps needed. Now that is also broken as most of us spenders have 6-10 holy contracts which are useless and pushing 5k seraphs creeds which might be useful with the sin comps coming but that is still unknown.

Nimbus is virtually unattainable as has honor been. The rewards from evo and enlightenment are a joke compared to the expense to achieve these levels.

Daily trots are still the same old bore with nothing substantial as rewards. This week was a bonus with the evo charms but it is rare. This was RT-PTS
We still have new levels but no new instances, he'll instances elite bosses etc. this of us working promoter trying to max robs and mega soul globes are doing so at a snails pace.
PvE is virtually dead. Tower has a distinct advantage to hunters.and frankly it's a joke still but is the only remaining PVE part of the game that poses any bit of strategy.

PvP is a joke and yet it is the only thing we have left. Arena lol. No real reason to even care. First,the only reward I sup to 1.2 M old every two days and that's if you are rank 1 on your server. Not worth any bit of effort.
Tourney... Oh joy sit there and watch to gain minimal rewards. cK title means nothing nor does any ck except the rare event with additional rewards. Solos... Well no one cares about the crap rewards there. If you can get 1st well then you probably do t need 100M gold every two weeks. Sadly this was one of the only substantial rewards ever offered and now it's useless. 3's lmao. No one runs them except against an alt team or If you offer a daily event.

Coh was the only real fun PvP, but that is marred by crappy rewards. Most players will never see bane. Some of us might but the vast majority of Banes That players get will never actually be used.he is almost outdated.

CRBG was fun and can be again if we had a player base that allowed it to be fun again. We used to have to have 35-40 players participate to have a winning chance. Now it only takes 15-20.

All the Devs care about is adding new ways to upgrade your comps. Which is great for strategy but is all about $$$$$ as they look for ways to keep players spending.

Overall we understand this, but we need a balance between farmable rewards rare drops and strategic PVP and strategic PVE that will allow a more equal playing field. Top end minimal spenders are 1/3 the strength of top spenders and that is based on OAwhich is often a poor gauge of the strength of a players setup. Top spenders can no longer go main only in solos and expect to lose.

The player base is dwindling and the game is nomen. Rewards are insignificant, training is broken, comps are broken,WB, CRWB, RB all broken. Mining wars is a joke. There is limited strategy there. Other guild buildings are not being used, guild bosses are a waste as most top players can solo them main only. And the rewards again are insignificant. Guild store gives insignificant items. Mall rarely has anything worth buying.credit shop only has two items worth getting. Every reward and every comp you can pick upon game via quests elites etc are useless. Remember super Duke... Lmao. Joke.  

The game has become a sad joke. Simply put the developers are con artists and shady liars whom should not be trusted. They lack integrity and will only chase the mighty dollar. Greed is not good my friends. Please I ask that someone starts a new thread, and we can list every broken game feature for the developers. Another thread can list the insignificance of all the rewards in game that players can achieve.

We might find fun again by displaying to the developers the complete ineptitude and how they have become the laughing stock of the dev world based on their pure incompetence.

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Post time: 2017-03-20 06:42:14
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There needs to be a like button.  Spot-on.

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Post time: 2017-03-20 07:36:54
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I agree 100%. I've seen Michael countering Counters this week amd Eva spamming heals multiple times a round.

Ring boss is still broken, training is screwed up and new players can't get past level 8 or so because of it.

Please fix some of the current content before giving us new atuff, every time you did something new you screw up something else and at this point the game is seriously compromised.

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Post time: 2017-03-20 07:56:51
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also why do we have to pay for awakened specs? that aspect should be free.

introducing angel bonds is a bad idea as well. they are already too strong and adding bonds in just kind of forces players to use them to be strong so there is not much versatility in the teams you should vs can use.

the whole game is getting boring day by day with the same dailies.

bugs are not fixed and customer service is terrible.

more to list but don't have the time now.

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Post time: 2017-03-20 08:31:29
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Additional notes.

As a result of Hubris dealing excessively more damage than before, Babel Tower is able to be cleared to floor 200, giving players an advantage to clear it only because of that bug.

I tried for a while to work around the problem with Metatron's stun and make the best of it, but losing the finals in CoH was the final straw. Like what Monti said, I'm not saying anything bad about Masterbenzo but because of Hubris' bug as well as Metatron's intended stun failure bug you can literally say the result would have turned out differently if it weren't.

I'm tired of sending videos in and then all I get are things along the lines of "we will send it to devs". That doesn't mean anything to me. How do we know they're actually going to review it, and more important what and when are they going to fix it?

Happy gaming? No, after losing CoH in that manner I'm not a happy gamer.

Make DBE great again? Then don't just listen but also CHANGE things. What the hell are we paying you guys to do? You guys let bugs of any size run through for two weeks, and half the time we are lucky to see if they change during maintenance.

Test run and fix things before they go live. And I know sometimes things don't go always as planned the moment it hits live, but that's why you guys need to be there during live release week to make sure you fix things that go wrong ASAP. We will report things to you if we see them but it's you guy's responsibility to fix what we report. That comes with your job; that comes with if you're going to receive income from us. It's simple as that.

No more new content. Put off the next month's content and just FIX CURRENT CONTENT.

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Post time: 2017-03-20 14:54:16
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I really hope you listen to these players Devs.  Each person here is a top 10 player, and spender in this game.  Without them, you have no game because the gap of spenders and moderate to non-spenders hasn't changed for the better.  Angels just made that gap even larger.  Not to mention and to reiterate, the resource allocation in this game is very skewed.  Example, I have 1.2 million flamebeads with almost 9000 flamebead chests in my inventory.  I have 500 brimbeads.  FIVEEEEEEEEEE HUNNNNNDRED.  I can't use either of those.  I have 7000 massive inspirations with ZERO ZEN.  You don't give those away as an event reward.  Not to mention, nimbus, brimstone, soul essence, stamina potions(should always be on sale), HONOR and ENERGY are given in such a low amount that the impact on progression in this game is microscopic.  I mean, wtf is a 10,000 exp potion going to do?  NOTHING.  Moving on to gold.  100k, 500k, and 1000k gold reward for completion of daily routine tasks is pathetic.  Enlightenment, Overstep, Aeon Evo, Globe upgrade, skill study in higher levels are astoundingly expensive compared to the largely lack of gold you provide in game.  Gold reward needs bumped 10x at the very minimum.  You're definitely not giving it out in weekly purchase events.  

Moreover, perhaps I don't understand a comps stats.  Example, Parry and Pierce.  Parry doesn't seem to help.  I have a comp with around 7000 Parry and 11k Res, and still get blasted with massive damage while Ralphs shield is active.  That's crazy to me.  I have a comp with Pierce around 10k, and got blocked today by a comp with 3k block.  My Pierce is TRIPLE.  Explain how that happens?  I'm very confused.  Game mechanics like this need reevaluation to make sure the stat is doing what it should do.

I spend frequently, and lack in resources greatly.  I cant imagine the struggle the moderate to casual player experiences.  

Please improve what is already in the game, and not implement something new that's broken as it's given to us.  

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Post time: 2017-03-21 09:13:04
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The devs have upset a majority of supporter with the lack of in-game fixes. This thread has a handful of your current spenders/supporters very upset.

Don't you see this as an issue?  I would say for years, while I wasn't the largest spender, you couldn't discount the amount I spent considering I was a 2x VIP9+.  The state of the game last November really upset me, so I decided it was my time to leave.

I still read the forums hoping to see sudden praises by the masses, and I come back. Nothing has changed.  I reinstalled DBE a couple weeks ago to see how things work, but the game was still highly unplayable on my latest and greatest Samsung android phone. All other games I've played or still play run flawlessly, but DBE loads slow, lags horribly, and crashes often. Even the backend of the game still needs severe fixes to run more efficiently. Maybe iOS runs fine, but even on my iPad Pro last November DBE ran worse than it did a year earlier on my iPad 2.

I've always said I want you to succeed, but it seems as though the developers don't care. As long as people still spend money, they keep the game the way it is. That is an eventual failing business model.

I won't be back, but you can make things better for those who want to keep playing.  For ones, just listen to the players.
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Post time: 2017-03-21 16:50:43
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Everyone has a valid point.  I'm not a top player but I do put time into this game (seriously rethinking wtf is wrong with me) but they are all right. Quit trying to make players spend money on things that do not work. Just fix the current game then move forward not backwards. The abundance of one type of resource is just ridiculous. There should always be some type of trade that will allow you to balence and get the resources that you need to upgrade. 25k massive inspirations with zero Zen and zero 4-GS Phantoms is pointless. 2.25 mil Flamebeads with zero brimbeads does nothing for upgrades.

As stated before......
Ring boss......busted
World boss.....busted
Mining Wars.......busted   
Tournament........most boring part of this game
CRWB........1 hit on most of them and dead except for final boss
Again stated rewards for most events are minimal at best
Training.......do I really need to say anything about this????

The only was we are going to get to the dervs is to do a mass spending strike but as long as they have money coming in nothing will change this is proven week after week.
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Post time: 2017-03-23 09:20:42
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And yeah my Wdon has failed more than 30times with evo from T8 to T9 that's so weird while t9-t10 only need maximum 6times

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Post time: 2017-03-24 09:48:49
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Zeiken replied at 2017-03-20 08:31
Additional notes.

As a result of Hubris dealing excessively more damage than before, Babel Tower is ...

That's exactly what I pointed out.  Hubris gives all the players that used her a huge advantage.  they fixed her damage but the players that had her are still benefiting form the glitch and are able to excel from the bable bricks.

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