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[Discussion] Make DBE "ok" again [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-20 06:35:37
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-03-20 08:18

First, I saw Montipora's post and fully agree with everything listed there but rather than add to that I figured I'd do what I came to the forums to do and that's make this post.

In this week's events theres the reward for saying "Make DBE great again", can we at least start with making it ok?  
You asked for suggestions so here ya go, in no particular order (please notice with these suggestions that one of the most themes issues is you have not scaled the game based on all of the new comps you've dumped into the game):

1)  Fix training.  It shouldn't be this hard to fix something you totally FUBAR'd.   The only training that works is fast train dragonic, which isn't even an option for a great many, and even that isn't really all that great for the cost.  Fast sure but insanely expensive when you remove the discount.   It would cost more today (again without the discount) to train up than it did before and I had more balanced stats.  

Suggested fix:  Simply put it back to how it used to be and add a fast training option similar to what you already have in place for opening chests - 10 at a time at the same cost per try.  This should not have been yet another dia grab but rather a way for your players to more quickly level.  

2)  RBs - beyond the fact that they are totally broken today, which is costing our free to play guildies needed contribution, they need to be strengthened and/or another level added.  If we didn't go to main only, Titans Foot would be dead in 2 hits max.

Suggeted fix:  Strengthen existing RBs and add at least one, if not two, new levels.

3) RBs, part 2:  Since they are broken and we've therefore missed an entire week's worth everyone needs compensation for lost rewards and contribution.   Those rewards are not meaningful to some of us but to many those rewards help.

4)  Experience.  I'm ok with having to earn new levels; that's been the norm in every game I've ever played; but with the lack of experience scale, no new quests, no experience at all in the Babel tower, the comical experience from Valhalla, etc leveling has become a flat-out joke.   You more or less have to farm past instances with every ounce of stamina.  I've been at 123 for over a month and am still not 3/4 in because I have no interest in sitting farming instances all day or sitting gaining "afk experience".   

Suggested fixes:
** Add new quests from 122+
** Add experience to babel tower
** Improve experience for Valhalla
** Add higher level instances with or without associated quests
** Have daily quests scale to the level of the player - guild quests as well as RP quests.

5)  CoH Rewards.  I have no clue what the rewards are for HW but I have to imagine, like LW, they are outdated.  At least with HW you get whatever benefits come from everyone sending their tribute.  But as LW winnner, you only get 1 fate coin, 2 justice badges and 20k honor.  That's worse than what I got for winning the semi-final match...  The effort isn't worth the rewards.    Shoot, one chest in the daily log-in rewards gives more honor (300k) than you get, in total, for winning the LW (70k).   The rewards should incent players to want to participate and win the darn thing.  As it was, winning was a total buzzkill.

Suggested fixes:  Rewards need a total overhaul.  If you want to keep honor make it meaningful.  maybe add artifact fury/power or relic pieces.  Same gold that those who bet on you win.  A percentage of the gold bet on you to win.   For LW winner, make a server-only "greeting".

6)  Broken comps need to be fixed before you keep adding new comps which are also broken.  Montipora broke this down well so there's no point in adding more comments but this is a HUGE problem.

7)  Mining Wars needs a much better interface.  What season are we in?  What week of the season? Which mine(s) are we holding should be easily identifiable.   A way for a guild to identify who is in what mine (logs like you get in Light vs Dark, for example).

8)  Speaking of Light v Dark.  Other than the fact it highlights the screwed up combat mechanics that is this game (100 ck runs? please) it's just not a very compelling event.   Again, forgetting the battle mechanics, since that'll never get fixed, the rewards are, once again, pathetic.  500 dias for the winning team?  Again, scale them to our current environment to make them worth spending 30 minutes.

One final comment which I don't think can be fixed but angels have, more or less, ruined the game.

I hope this is at least moderately helpful.  There are other things that make this game less and less appealing but for now I've got to get to work.



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Post time: 2017-03-22 00:48:21
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Edited by Ahri at 2017-03-22 01:49

Fix main switch. I was a hunter with max trained XX tech I switched to sword main because let's be honest hunter isn't very viable anymore. Anyway I dropped 500 training points when I (like the description states) redistributed my stats to strength and am currently X trained. If I switch back to hunter I'm still X trained (clearly didn't save my progress) but I am only 400 points below where I used to be.  In game support has been giving me a run-around for the past week and a half and it's unacceptable given the state of training. I know you won't care that I spent countless hours clicking "train" maxing with only gold and doubt I'll ever see my training levels again, but fix it for everyone who wants to change but can't trust the system to work like it's supposed to.  

Please explain how dodge/hit interact as well as crit and resil my 13.5k resil Eva is constantly being crit by remi's with 7k crit and William's with even less (all 3 arrows not just the guaranteed)

Make in game support actually useful. On any issue we're asked to be anticipated and our suggestions are reported to Devs. The only way I've managed to get a response is by sending in a ticket everyday until I get some sort of an answer which is always a user error never something in the system.

Like everyone else has said give us an incentive to want to run instances and complete routine points, raise gold/honor dropped and exp gained.  I don't even buy monthly pass anymore what's the point when one level takes months to increase.

Either bring back black market or remove vendor from the game it's disappointing checking every week to find no new content there.

Remove or add content to nightsveil. After finishing the few level quests in this area it's never visited again

Rework explore with the angels and all the new overpowered comps coming out no one cares about the old ones there I've always wanted to try sargus but for the same price tag I can get someone 5x as useful.

Give more gold/honor/energy in general and lower costs on material like phantoms, aeon trails and brimbeads. They already require massive amounts of other resources.

Like we have asked before make reputation useful again after unlocking warlords title there is no point I'm sitting on over 7m unspent for that reason, either bring out more titles or let us lock stats on mythic ones (ones we reach max value make it so we don't roll that anymore for a cost).

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Post time: 2017-03-22 08:54:04
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Some more thoughts:

add Brimbead and other more useful items to Run Duke Run.  It's one of the better new features but the rewards could use some balancing out.   

To further Ahri's comments about in-game support.  If the answer is "be anticipated, we'll share this with the devs'.   That sometimes makes sense but it would be nice that there was some continuation of the conversation about the result of sharing with the devs.  If we don't constantly bombard in-game the topic dies and frequently doesn't get resolved.

Perhaps most importantly of any of these things:  Be responsive.  For goodness sakes its been 2 full days since Monti and my posts were created and not one official response in either of them.   You ask for feedback, we give it and crickets.  This lack of response just furthers our point that it appears no one at DBE gives two rips about it's player base.

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Post time: 2017-03-24 00:06:59
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Making DBE Great Again must start with Fixing what is broken...
I have been playing this game for well over three years. At first, it was amazing. People didn't have to say anything when you guys broke a feature or screwed up the game day, we were compensated, and the issue was fixed. Not even a second thought. You took care of your gamers. What happened to that?

Today it has been six weeks since the Training has been broken, has there been any real compensation?? A sale for those who have VIP 6 or higher to use Draconic Training. That was a joke and an insult to all the players of DBE. Return it back to how it was in the beginning. I cannot train my new comps. I am not a VIP6! I have the right to be able to train my comps so I can compete with other players! A balanced training not just one stat! There are other issues that Vin Venture and Stinkpalm have also brought up so I won't be repeating all of them but I have also added other issues to the list.

RB's were broken for two weeks. There was no compensation what so ever. You broke it so we the players who are now two weeks behind on Contribution and Guild funds would appreciate proper compensation for our loss.

You have raised the cost of Items in the store so that it is too expensive to get anywhere in the game. Lower the prices to a reasonable amount or lower the number of items to get a new comp, either way, is fine, but stop Raising the cost of the items and comps it is stupidly out of control.

Daily Routines omg this has become so boring and not even worth the trouble anymore. The highest level is the 80's?? are you serious right now? Add new content and make this more of a challenge so we can actually get somewhere. I am level 118, and I am bored with running the highest level that is lower than I should have to do.

Tourney- you need to make new divisions of Tournament 100 to 115, 116 to 125. Easy but can you do it without breaking anything else?
I have watched as my friends, who are good hard working people and Heavy spenders leave due to frustration over the game and the belligerent attitudes from those who respond to your bug reports.

I do not agree with how some players cuss out these people, however, with how we have all been treated I cannot, nor will I blame them for how they have reacted. You have a standard of customer service that is the lowest in the industry. This needs to be rectified immediately.

It is not the job of those responding to bug reports to yell or cuss out your customer’s aka Gamers or to tell then that nothing will be fixed ever. We are the ones who give our money to you by CHOICE. Your people do not have the right to treat anyone like they are lower than dirt.

It is your job to repair the broken parts of the game and maintain it. Fix what is broken first before you place new broken elements into the game.

You have been asked repeatedly to set up a gifting ability so that gamers can gift items to other gamers. From contracts to diamonds any and all goods should be giftable to anyone of our choosing, at anytime that we choose.

You have also been asked to Increase backpack space and to increase the number of friends we can have on our friend’s lists along with increasing the number of greetings and Thank you we can send. Yet you have done none of this and these are things people desperately want in this game. We have asked for these things for years.I do not have enough room to put all my guildies on my friends list much less my friends. Please fix these problems.
Nehahanni -S11

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