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[Discussion] Make DBE better than ever... [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-22 22:31:24
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Why not aim higher? Lol anyways...

I find it interesting in my time here I see the same questions/complaints with the same answers... But as always I will say what's on my mind whether or not a single person reads this... I ve always enjoyed playing, and I m creative so hear me out...Add to it. Say hell no! If thats how you feel.

To start off let's fix training!!! I m fine with odds around 1 outta 3-8 = a positive result. With the result growing based on the amount spent to train since the last successful +.

Some fixes to Evo... Well as we all know this has been both a game changer to power up and a ball breaker to even hit a tier with fail limits...I think Max fails should be given sooner, though events like the recent one are a great way to beat the odds they are few and far apart...Which is fine with me I just hate throwing lvl4 stones with no limit to number of fails.

RB... I ve thrown it out there but this is the easiest way to explain... Give ring boss infinite health with stats that raise based on damage dealt to the boss...Then when the end of week hits and ring bosses are available again give some good rewards to the guilds who did the most damage....

WB... Same thing except the rankings would be decided based on the total of damages caused in the week and would be merged servers vs merged servers

Flamebeads... Remove the +25 packs as rewards for good! and give a single total amount chest for the rewards

Brimbeads... find a better balance between the two... No need to have 250k+ of one and zero of the other... All the time lol

No new features... Though I absolutely love so many of the new additions. Let's focus and breathe​ life into the features we ALREADY have..And ADD MORE INSTANCES all types!

#8 DIVERSITY!!! Love these angels, we all do, though I d like to see some different guns out there, no need for us all to be going after the exact same formations...

Abyssal dungeon.... If a player has beaten all lvls allow them to autofarm... Or if they cannot beat a certain set in Abyssal they can auto to that point..

new guild building... Make it like hex... But without the comps... we level up by donating to our choice by donating a new item that is only received by hitting 100rts daily maximum of one per player daily.

make any items that players have 3 or more stacks in inventory available to stack higher...

This is just a thought.... A MAJOR CHANGE TO PVP, solos and 3vs3 with no wait time just a loading screen lol so similar to the ghosts we fight in aeon practice... We always have a match...  In theory this would be awesome, it d also remove the boosters who have an alt team they beat up for ranks... It d also give everyone a fair shot... To make it interesting the solos are you +5 ghosts... The 3vs3 is your team vs 3 random ghosts.. maybe even you get to see who the better you is ^_^

A conclusion for now, so many times the players seem to only focus on what development needs to do to fix things, yet we ourselves are what feeds life into the game. They maybe the hosts but we are THE PARTY!  I would like to see us as a community contribute to making the game a fun and enjoyable environment for all. We may not agree with one another or even like each other at times but let's enjoy our time here. Let's help one another and lift the spirits of those who need it... I look forward to seeing us step up instead of always insisting others need to!

Quote...The journey of a Thousand miles begins with ONE STEP... Yet even if you're​ on the right path you will just get run over if you just stand there

IGN= Ianiank
Guild = Havoc
Server Observer S20
Quote= people may not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel

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Post time: 2017-03-23 06:58:16
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I have a few suggestions also

Revamp guild lab with new rewards and add more instances

Guild market needs new items

Aeon farm please raise the level we can upgrade

Pvp battleground area has no features except a few guys standing there maybe add something

Guild academy does nothing please add a feature

I don't care how many other said it training does not work for anyone who can't use draconian IT NEEDS FIXED. New 4gs comps can't train past 8 points

Make inspirations exchange permanent or at least more frequent.

Make an exchange for some of the items older players have no use for at all. 1 and 2 gs  phantoms, 3 gs phantoms.   

Update the power cone exchange that whole thing is just a nightmare and super costly

Update the dragon quests and guild quests they are all geared to level 80 instances.

Update the crwb rewards they are pretty sad, and put a new comp in there a 4gs.

Coh can you actually limit the strength of the category you can enter?  I thought it was supposed to be the strongest players on one side and the rest on the other so there can be a champion of the big dogs and a champion of the little guys. Since both winners were 11-14 million power and you can join wherever you want- weaker players have the same chance at rewards, which is none.

Abyss dungeon add rewards for 1600 points and for 2000 points

Add a reward for the max daily rp and add a couple things maybe make 130 points possible for overachievers and a reward for that

I am anticipated

Owl- s8
Buildrick -s8
Hooter s19

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Post time: 2017-03-23 08:00:43
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Quit adding new features please. We need what is already broken to be fixed. Now there is new issues broken that require your attention

1. Diamond upgrading titles doesn't work. Takes your Dias but doesn't upgrade the stat

2. Duke sharing is busted. You can share but apparently the person you shared with does not receive the shared item

3 And Your Most Important fix...TRAINING...make all the training count again. Not just dragonic. I'm a VIP 5 and royal training sucks ass as well as all the others. This game started out fun for me but now y'all seem to only care about how you can screw us out of every dime y'all can to advance a comp you charged $500 for in the first place

4. Now on new accounts we get stuck on forging

5. Uriel is being critically hit by Remiel with Sariel in the team. Angel bond stats he is critical immune paired with Sariel but Remiel seems to be able to hit him critically.

6. Give us more gold fast training chances except 500. Everything else is unlimited so why not gold fast train.

Please fix these major issues before adding new stuff to break on us. Create a test server and try it out for aweek before releasing it to us cuz mailing yy'all about it doesn't work worth a damn and apparently your observers that y'all are supposed to trust telling y'all doesn't seem to matter either. So maybe the forum will help a little. Please listen to us as we are the reason you have a game. New players aren't coming cuz who wants to spend that much money just to play a game to start and still not be able to train your comps or main.

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Post time: 2017-03-23 14:04:43
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I agree with Ian, lets make this game work.  Fix the glitches before adding new stuff.  I don't mean have the game run at 100% but run at 90% isn't asking too much.

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Post time: 2017-03-23 16:28:50
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"4. Now on new accounts we get stuck on forging"
forge quest isnt broken, just misleading. hit 10x forge and the quest will become complete.

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