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[Game News] Make DBE Great Again! [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-23 05:00:38
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Dear players, please post your thread under this topic.
We will select some impressive threads and award the posters.
Any concepts, thoughts, praise, criticisms are welcome.
Please feel free to share your minds.

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Post time: 2017-03-23 05:01:42
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"Make DBE OK Again" By Vin Venture from S11
First, I saw Montipora's post and fully agree with everything listed there but rather than add to that I figured I'd do what I came to the forums to do and that's make this post.

In this week's events theres the reward for saying "Make DBE great again", can we at least start with making it ok?  
You asked for suggestions so here ya go, in no particular order (please notice with these suggestions that one of the most themes issues is you have not scaled the game based on all of the new comps you've dumped into the game):

1)  Fix training.  It shouldn't be this hard to fix something you totally FUBAR'd.   The only training that works is fast train dragonic, which isn't even an option for a great many, and even that isn't really all that great for the cost.  Fast sure but insanely expensive when you remove the discount.   It would cost more today (again without the discount) to train up than it did before and I had more balanced stats.  

Suggested fix:  Simply put it back to how it used to be and add a fast training option similar to what you already have in place for opening chests - 10 at a time at the same cost per try.  This should not have been yet another dia grab but rather a way for your players to more quickly level.  

2)  RBs - beyond the fact that they are totally broken today, which is costing our free to play guildies needed contribution, they need to be strengthened and/or another level added.  If we didn't go to main only, Titans Foot would be dead in 2 hits max.

Suggeted fix:  Strengthen existing RBs and add at least one, if not two, new levels.

3) RBs, part 2:  Since they are broken and we've therefore missed an entire week's worth everyone needs compensation for lost rewards and contribution.   Those rewards are not meaningful to some of us but to many those rewards help.

4)  Experience.  I'm ok with having to earn new levels; that's been the norm in every game I've ever played; but with the lack of experience scale, no new quests, no experience at all in the Babel tower, the comical experience from Valhalla, etc leveling has become a flat-out joke.   You more or less have to farm past instances with every ounce of stamina.  I've been at 123 for over a month and am still not 3/4 in because I have no interest in sitting farming instances all day or sitting gaining "afk experience".   

Suggested fixes:
** Add new quests from 122+
** Add experience to babel tower
** Improve experience for Valhalla
** Add higher level instances with or without associated quests
** Have daily quests scale to the level of the player - guild quests as well as RP quests.

5)  CoH Rewards.  I have no clue what the rewards are for HW but I have to imagine, like LW, they are outdated.  At least with HW you get whatever benefits come from everyone sending their tribute.  But as LW winnner, you only get 1 fate coin, 2 justice badges and 20k honor.  That's worse than what I got for winning the semi-final match...  The effort isn't worth the rewards.    Shoot, one chest in the daily log-in rewards gives more honor (300k) than you get, in total, for winning the LW (70k).   The rewards should incent players to want to participate and win the darn thing.  As it was, winning was a total buzzkill.

Suggested fixes:  Rewards need a total overhaul.  If you want to keep honor make it meaningful.  maybe add artifact fury/power or relic pieces.  Same gold that those who bet on you win.  A percentage of the gold bet on you to win.   For LW winner, make a server-only "greeting".

6)  Broken comps need to be fixed before you keep adding new comps which are also broken.  Montipora broke this down well so there's no point in adding more comments but this is a HUGE problem.

7)  Mining Wars needs a much better interface.  What season are we in?  What week of the season? Which mine(s) are we holding should be easily identifiable.   A way for a guild to identify who is in what mine (logs like you get in Light vs Dark, for example).

8)  Speaking of Light v Dark.  Other than the fact it highlights the screwed up combat mechanics that is this game (100 ck runs? please) it's just not a very compelling event.   Again, forgetting the battle mechanics, since that'll never get fixed, the rewards are, once again, pathetic.  500 dias for the winning team?  Again, scale them to our current environment to make them worth spending 30 minutes.

One final comment which I don't think can be fixed but angels have, more or less, ruined the game.

I hope this is at least moderately helpful.  There are other things that make this game less and less appealing but for now I've got to get to work.


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Post time: 2017-03-23 05:02:28
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"Make DBE Better than ever" By Ianiank from S20
Why not aim higher? Lol anyways...

I find it interesting in my time here I see the same questions/complaints with the same answers... But as always I will say what's on my mind whether or not a single person reads this... I ve always enjoyed playing, and I m creative so hear me out...Add to it. Say hell no! If thats how you feel.

To start off let's fix training!!! I m fine with odds around 1 outta 3-8 = a positive result. With the result growing based on the amount spent to train since the last successful +.

Some fixes to Evo... Well as we all know this has been both a game changer to power up and a ball breaker to even hit a tier with fail limits...I think Max fails should be given sooner, though events like the recent one are a great way to beat the odds they are few and far apart...Which is fine with me I just hate throwing lvl4 stones with no limit to number of fails.

RB... I ve thrown it out there but this is the easiest way to explain... Give ring boss infinite health with stats that raise based on damage dealt to the boss...Then when the end of week hits and ring bosses are available again give some good rewards to the guilds who did the most damage....

WB... Same thing except the rankings would be decided based on the total of damages caused in the week and would be merged servers vs merged servers

Flamebeads... Remove the +25 packs as rewards for good! and give a single total amount chest for the rewards

Brimbeads... find a better balance between the two... No need to have 250k+ of one and zero of the other... All the time lol

No new features... Though I absolutely love so many of the new additions. Let's focus and breathe​ life into the features we ALREADY have..And ADD MORE INSTANCES all types!

#8 DIVERSITY!!! Love these angels, we all do, though I d like to see some different guns out there, no need for us all to be going after the exact same formations...

Abyssal dungeon.... If a player has beaten all lvls allow them to autofarm... Or if they cannot beat a certain set in Abyssal they can auto to that point..

new guild building... Make it like hex... But without the comps... we level up by donating to our choice by donating a new item that is only received by hitting 100rts daily maximum of one per player daily.

make any items that players have 3 or more stacks in inventory available to stack higher...

This is just a thought.... A MAJOR CHANGE TO PVP, solos and 3vs3 with no wait time just a loading screen lol so similar to the ghosts we fight in aeon practice... We always have a match...  In theory this would be awesome, it d also remove the boosters who have an alt team they beat up for ranks... It d also give everyone a fair shot... To make it interesting the solos are you +5 ghosts... The 3vs3 is your team vs 3 random ghosts.. maybe even you get to see who the better you is ^_^

A conclusion for now, so many times the players seem to only focus on what development needs to do to fix things, yet we ourselves are what feeds life into the game. They maybe the hosts but we are THE PARTY!  I would like to see us as a community contribute to making the game a fun and enjoyable environment for all. We may not agree with one another or even like each other at times but let's enjoy our time here. Let's help one another and lift the spirits of those who need it... I look forward to seeing us step up instead of always insisting others need to!

Quote...The journey of a Thousand miles begins with ONE STEP... Yet even if you're​ on the right path you will just get run over if you just stand there

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Post time: 2017-03-23 05:03:36
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"Game is a Joke" by Montipora from S12
Its with great disappointment that I say this but this game is broken. No this isn't the end of the world. This is a vital life issue but this is a product and as with all products we expect to get what we pay for. I and many others have posted threads like this countless times and the results have been nothing but silence and calls for us to be patient and anticipate something in the future that never comes.
As of lately the Devs have ramped up new comps and new upgrades for us all to enjoy and it was a little fun and unfortunately for us top players way too much money. That being said we still paid. We bought Sariel who is immune to counter!!!! Ooppppppppps. No she isn't. She is now usually most of the time on most situations immune to counter.... Unlike Arendale and Zora and others that are actually immune to counter. This is t the end of the world but players should be compensated for this change. Devs should have acknowledged it and made one official statement, with compensation or a return policy that would be considered acceptable for all. Instead they lied to us. Asked for patience, and gave us numerous different responses and then decided to arbitrarily change her description unannounced.
This was deception in the least fraud or theft at worst but it was and still is unacceptable.

New comps are here. Uriel - broken. I do t use him so I don't remember exactly what it is but wtf the comp had been out for a couple months and it's still broken.

Metatron- stun works great.... But the comp never misses a turn. Comps been out a month and still broken.       hubris gets released and breaks CRWB and apparently breaks RB and WB

Maybe that wasn't all Hubris but still events are broken.

Hubris also is mega hittingEva somehow. Pretty much a broken situation.

These problems basically determined the winner of CoH. Not saying anything bad about Masterbenzo but his Hubris was dealing extra damage throughout the tournament and that combined with metatron's stuns not working properly was a huge advantage that some could make a valid argument determined the winner.

Training is broken for all except VIP 8 and above so new comps are being used untrained. This has been a problem for a month.

RB is busted so players cannot get contribution. Now this isn't a major issue since most items in build store are virtually useless anyway.

The games format is pay and receive the materials and comps needed. Now that is also broken as most of us spenders have 6-10 holy contracts which are useless and pushing 5k seraphs creeds which might be useful with the sin comps coming but that is still unknown.

Nimbus is virtually unattainable as has honor been. The rewards from evo and enlightenment are a joke compared to the expense to achieve these levels.

Daily trots are still the same old bore with nothing substantial as rewards. This week was a bonus with the evo charms but it is rare. This was RT-PTS
We still have new levels but no new instances, he'll instances elite bosses etc. this of us working promoter trying to max robs and mega soul globes are doing so at a snails pace.
PvE is virtually dead. Tower has a distinct advantage to hunters.and frankly it's a joke still but is the only remaining PVE part of the game that poses any bit of strategy.

PvP is a joke and yet it is the only thing we have left. Arena lol. No real reason to even care. First,the only reward I sup to 1.2 M old every two days and that's if you are rank 1 on your server. Not worth any bit of effort.
Tourney... Oh joy sit there and watch to gain minimal rewards. cK title means nothing nor does any ck except the rare event with additional rewards. Solos... Well no one cares about the crap rewards there. If you can get 1st well then you probably do t need 100M gold every two weeks. Sadly this was one of the only substantial rewards ever offered and now it's useless. 3's lmao. No one runs them except against an alt team or If you offer a daily event.

Coh was the only real fun PvP, but that is marred by crappy rewards. Most players will never see bane. Some of us might but the vast majority of Banes That players get will never actually be used.he is almost outdated.

CRBG was fun and can be again if we had a player base that allowed it to be fun again. We used to have to have 35-40 players participate to have a winning chance. Now it only takes 15-20.

All the Devs care about is adding new ways to upgrade your comps. Which is great for strategy but is all about $$$$$ as they look for ways to keep players spending.

Overall we understand this, but we need a balance between farmable rewards rare drops and strategic PVP and strategic PVE that will allow a more equal playing field. Top end minimal spenders are 1/3 the strength of top spenders and that is based on OAwhich is often a poor gauge of the strength of a players setup. Top spenders can no longer go main only in solos and expect to lose.

The player base is dwindling and the game is nomen. Rewards are insignificant, training is broken, comps are broken,WB, CRWB, RB all broken. Mining wars is a joke. There is limited strategy there. Other guild buildings are not being used, guild bosses are a waste as most top players can solo them main only. And the rewards again are insignificant. Guild store gives insignificant items. Mall rarely has anything worth buying.credit shop only has two items worth getting. Every reward and every comp you can pick upon game via quests elites etc are useless. Remember super Duke... Lmao. Joke.  

The game has become a sad joke. Simply put the developers are con artists and shady liars whom should not be trusted. They lack integrity and will only chase the mighty dollar. Greed is not good my friends. Please I ask that someone starts a new thread, and we can list every broken game feature for the developers. Another thread can list the insignificance of all the rewards in game that players can achieve.

We might find fun again by displaying to the developers the complete ineptitude and how they have become the laughing stock of the dev world based on their pure incompetence.

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Post time: 2017-03-23 07:22:06
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Have to say I can't disagree with anything I have seen here . All I can really think of is stop adding more broken features untill you fix the ones already in place that we have all already informed you of many times you know what they are we shouldn't have to keep telling you the same information over and over again
Server 8

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Post time: 2017-03-23 08:07:17
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Edited by DecsWhimpy at 2017-03-23 08:10

We the players need for y'all to make this better before y'all lose more people. We care about this game as much as y'all do and want to see it grow back into the game we loved. New issues have risen up and I posted them in Ianiank's thread the new issues we have noticed.

Please make a test server and test things out for 1 week before releasing them. If you need test subjects I'll even volunteer my time and service for free to make sure things are working properly and not clutching out before being released to the masses. As well as I'm sure anyone wud do for you. Just please listen to us as our voices are telling y'all how y'all can make this right again and Make DEB Great Again!
Decs Whimpy

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Post time: 2017-03-23 14:18:48
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-03-23 14:22

Ok, to add to my above after today's update:

1) Training is still not working as it should.  Fail after fail unless you're using Dragonic "fast training" which now costs full price because of the discontinued sale.   For all that's decent, please just roll training back to how it used to be before this awful "improvement".  Many don't even have access to dragonic because they're not VIP6 and as a result they can't train their comps.  This is totally and thoroughly unacceptable.  I'd say this is easily one of the top 3 issues that effects all players in the game today.  Fix it already.

2)  Evo 20?  Seriously, why?  With all the things that are broken you add another new feature that the vast majority of your players cannot even afford?  Without charms, which you can get from buying this event, or perhaps 100% charms that someone saved from previous events, you're looking at an astronomical cost to evo from 15-20.  Fails are capped at 50, 65, 80, 95 and guessing 110 for 20.  Worst case scenario that's 400 "fails" (sure someone might get supremely lucky and have a success at 1%) and 5 successes in total.  That's 1,620 level 5 stones (or 32,400 level 4) and 200,000 dias worth of protection stones (not on sale).  As I've asked previously, is your goal to kill this game completely?  This, to me, seems to be further proof that might be on your "to do" lists.

3) Run Duke Run.  Ok, I'll give credit where it's due, the new rewards that were added today were great to see.  Brimbeads, brimstone, artifact fury, etc.  Much better than more and more aeon trails...  BUT, now RDR causes people to DC a lot particularly when he lands on brimbeads and periodically when moving to the next level.   I know this can be fixed but it's just another frustration for an already frustrated player base.

4) Custom titles...See #2..  why?  Another unnecessary and costly "feature".  

More later perhaps but those are my initial observations.

Obviously, much more work needs to be done if you want to make DBE "great".  Like maybe start fixing the things we've told you repeatedly over the last many moons that need to be fixed.     

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Post time: 2017-03-23 15:02:18
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my problem is, is that except for WB/RB, Training, and Hubris you DID NOT make any fixes on issues that have been broken for years.  You did nothing to balance resources.  I do appreciate new rewards in Run Duke Run, but they suck.  50 brimstone? 100 brimbeads? Those are not going to impact progression at all.  at least make the resource rewards comparable to the cost of resources needed to upgrade items. how about 250-500 brimstones, or 500-1000 brimbeads as a reward.  make adjustments to other resources as well.  To reiterate this, why did you add 5 more tiers to Evo, and a new title system that's wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over priced to upgrade.  The amount of resources needed for these is astoundingly high.  65 fails for T16 to T17?  SERIOUSLY?  You don't even have protection stones on sale.  If you're going to have fail counters that high you need to permanently adjust the cost of protection stones down to 100 diamonds or 50 Diamonds.  It was an unnecessary addition to the game.  

I want to hear what you have in-store for Holy Contracts.  I few weeks ago you had Angels Contracts for nimbus, and a week later you had the same contracts exchange for relic materials.  I'd like to suggest that, if you have no further use for Holy Contracts for people who have all angels, instead of just sitting in bank how about you have a massive resource exchange for Holy Contracts?  250,000 brimbeads for exchange, or 5000M - 10,000M gold for exchange.  Catch my drift?  You could apply this concept to energy, honor, etc.  

As far as titles go, it's time to lock out a stat from receiving soul essence or rep when it's fully maxed.  I'd venture to say that 10% of your player base has all myth titles unlocked.  Then you add custom titles.  How about you make it so that players can unlock and upgrade those titles first before introducing something new to the game.

I've been playing for 3.5 years now.  I started spending a year ago-heavily in the last 6 months.  I'm 2 purchases away from VIP 8.  I want to get there, but I don't want to at the same time.  You've made this game unattractive.  

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Post time: 2017-03-23 16:06:22
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Sell the company to someone who wants to take care of it and the players.
IGN: Nemesis
Server: 9 Highbourne

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Post time: 2017-03-23 17:18:00
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I'll start off by beating the dead horse.

1) FIX TRAINING!!!  Its' been what?  6 weeks?  8 weeks?  That's just completely ridiculous for such a critical defect.  You guys have a history of not caring about your player base and being slow to react, but this one really takes the cake.

2) New leveling content.  Again, it's been what?  6 months since you increased the level cap?  Probably more like 9 months?  It's ridiculous to me that you increased the level cap but gave us no real way of leveling aside from stamina grinding?  You gave us Babel Tower, but it doesn't even give experience!  Give us some new instances, new elite instances, add experience gains to Babel Tower, increase experience from dungeon and Valhalla.

3) Scaling of rewards and content.  It's been four years of progressively increased resource costs, however all the rewards (daily quests, guild quests, items in the mall, RT rewards, etc.) are still at their original values.  All of that needs to be gone over and scaled to be more in line with the current resource costs.  As an example, it costs 3 million energy to level your Trilla each level after level 10, but you get a whopping 9k energy from clearing RoT, 10k from a daily event reward, etc.

4) Weekly events.  Stop just regurgitating the same events week after week after week until someone complains.  Be proactive here instead of reactive!  Maintenance is on a two week cycle, so at least make sure that the events on each week are a little bit different.  For instance, have rewards for solos one week and teams the second week.  That way people actually have a chance to run some teams each season, but we don't feel like we have to do so much PvP every single day if we don't want to.  You have a variety of events to choose from here, so use them!  I'm so sick of Aeon practice farming...week after week after week after week...

5)  Evo.  By far the most frustrating aspect of the game.  As previous posters of stated, the new tier cost is absurd.  Just getting to T9 is beyond frustrating.  Put in attempt caps for all levels and call it a day.  Reduce the conversion cost to combine stones.  Make this stuff attainable.

6) Myth Titles.  This has been brought up so many times, but I'll say it again.  When a stat has been capped on a title, please remove it from the list of possible rolls.  Myth titles take a looooong time to level, and it is doubly so because you end up wasting weeks and weeks and weeks trying to finish that last stat but all your rolls go towards stats that are already complete.

Honestly, this is all stuff that has been stated over and over again.  Every year you guys put a post like this up, and every year all our feedback is completely ignored.  

I for one can't see myself playing this game much longer.  It has gotten progressively worse at such an alarming rate that there isn't really any other possible outcome.  I'll give it a few more weeks to see if you guys can get it together, but I highly doubt anything will happen.
Stinkpalm - S11

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