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Author: Freja

[Game News] Make DBE Great Again! [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-23 23:34:07
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Nemesis replied at 2017-03-23 16:06
Sell the company to someone who wants to take care of it and the players.

best comment +1 million

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Post time: 2017-03-24 13:24:51
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Edited by huma at 2017-03-24 13:37

there's already a huge list of things that need to be improved by vin venture, iank, monti and others, so i am just gona address a couple more things to those list that need to be fix.

1) Hex HP stat still glitch, if you put any comp with evo13+, training xx, full spec max into any of the phy att/hit, magic attack/pierce, and magic def/resil spots. the HP bonus pretty much disappear, and this has been reported to the dev more than 5 months ago and still you guys refuse to look into it.

2) new evo 15-20, since it require lvl5 evo stones the successful rate chance should be inline with evo 10-15, as of right now to get from 15-16 require 50 tries which is redonculous.

3) VIP bonus and benefit need to be revamp up to current game state.

4) Hubris normal chain of attack in a 6 comps formation is pretty much equate to attack all with up to 70% to charm and 30% extra magic damage is pretty much break the norm of the mage signature of normal attack.every class have their own signature of attack. for example farseers, zerkers doing row damage, assasins does back row, and mage does column damage. as of right now chain attack defeat the purpose of being counter and strategy, pretty much who ever go first and charm they win. so my propose is to change hubris normal attack to column attack, and reduce extra damage to 20%.

5) angels bond should be in a separate page just like hex, but only comp in formation can be benefit from its bonus. the reason for this is some time there's a certain time we don't want sariel to hit twice in one turn, and this is regarding to a couple of fight against boss in babel towers.

6) achievement need to be updated, it been overdue for so long. we need to have some kinda of a goal to keep us motivated on reaching and accomplishing certain task to earn the rewards.

7) meta DE exchange to brimebeads event

8) uni mask and power core stats need to be fix, it either you guys increase uni mask offensive stats, and power core defensive stats or fusion % return rate to 100% instead of 20%. or you can make uni mask and power core have both def and off stats just like moonkin feather artifact.

9) be more active in forum, need to keep us update before you release new features. check and balance is what keep the game healthy and running.

10) hold off what ever that you guys planning on releasing, and give us a list of things that you going to fix to earn our trusts back before more people start quitting left and right. Do right by you and us first, that's the best advise i can give you guys right now before it too late. " Make DBE Great Again" is your current slogan to keep this game alive, so please don't disappoint us like trump did with his promise to make America Great Again.

IGN: Dragon Stalker
SERVER: S1- Dawn
GUILD: GL of Meridalkobashi

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Post time: 2017-03-24 18:25:41
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My girlfriend and I have been playing this for about 3 years now with a 1 year hiatus somewhere in between there. The game is fun and I absolutely love the community; it almost feels like a family.

Onto the suggestions! There are a bunch of issues that have been already brought up by others in this forum that I most definitely agree with. I do have a suggestion that I haven't read on here yet. With evo, nothing is more frustrating than buying a bunch of protection stones, being 3 attempts away from tiering up, thinking you hit the protection stone button, and dropping 2 tiers... This hasn't happened once or twice but 3 times to me and the last time I almost threw in the towel and quit. I have conversed with the community and it's not rare for this to happen. My solution for this: instead of the "are you sure you want to do this" message that pops up before the "dear warrior" message, replace it with something that asks if you want to use a protection stone. Losing 2 tiers costs a LOAD of evo stones and protection stones. If you guys can implement something that detects that you have protection stones in your bank or on your person and have a message ask you to use one, it would make a lot of people happy. Seriously.

Training... PLEASE fix this.


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Post time: 2017-03-25 06:19:09
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Round 2:

1) Put the monthly event schedule back to being on weekdays and not weekends.  I don't know what brought on this change, but I for one can't stand that these things are all on the weekends now.  Weeknights, DBE is a time kill, and something to do while relaxing and winding down from the day.  Weekends I am out spending time with friends and family.  So please, put these events back to weeknights so more people can participate.

2) Valhalla daily chests claim all.  Simple change.  Make it like the dungeon so we can just push one button and claim all of the chest rewards.  Low hanging fruit for you guys here.

3) While on the subject of Valhalla, you guys attempted to reduce the time it took to farm Valhalla.  However you screwed this one up (shocking!).  The timer was cut in two, but it still takes the same amount of time as it used to.  Instead  you will log in and it will tell you to stop autofarming...Please fix this so the actual farming time matches the timer.

4) Give us a dialog so we can claim a reward X number of times.  Just like in the mall where we can purchase 1-999 of something, let us claim a reward 1-999 times.  For example, in the 'Promote Your Skill!' event, don't make us sit there and claim one Ultimate Wisdom Essence 999 times...This would be a welcomed quality of life improvement.

5) Babel Force.  Add Parry to the list of available babel forces we can purchase.  You have every other stat, but this one is missing and it would sure be nice to equip on Phenix.  I've submitted multiple tickets about this and still haven't seen anything come from it.

6) Babel Force again.  Upgrading babel force does not seem to work with aeon evolution.  Whoever is actually equipped with the Aeon receives the bonus stats from upgrading, but no one else in the formation receives this bonus.  For the cost required to upgrade these things, they should really work in conjunction with aeon evolution.
Stinkpalm - S11

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Post time: 2017-03-25 18:59:17
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"Make DBE Better than ever" By EggChen S17

1.) Like Many others have said Training needs to be fixed and fixed now! That is one Major concern.

2. Also I believe We need more "Daily Events" Such as Base defence or some sort of event players can be engaged in each and every day to earn Honor or other items such as relics etc some of the harder materials to obtain currently within the game.

3. I believe that this game needs more exposure You all need a better Marketing team and put some effort into Strategy communicate with players and fix bugs promptly on time if that means hiring some more people then do it this game has potential to be big very big!

4.COH IS fun but the rewards are garbage there needs to be a improvement in the rate at which you obtain rewards and the amount of different rewards available for purchase.

Oh and update all rewards period they are all outdated.

That is my Input
Egg Chen S.17

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Post time: 2017-03-25 19:19:59
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Freja replied at 2017-03-23 05:03
"Game is a Joke" by Montipora from S12
Its with great disappointment that I say this but this game i ...

Uriel should be "totally critical immune" if picked with sariel. But is getting hit by critical atk once sariel is dead. Sariel gets to atk 2x, and comps can revive even when Raphael is dead so why doesn't Uriel become critically immune once Sariel is dead?

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Post time: 2017-03-25 23:16:15
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Edited by Shootyouinthe at 2017-03-27 01:53

1- Custom titles need to be rep upgradable, as originally advertised, please make it so, or have an exchange for rep to pill ASAP.2- Fix training
3- Fix Duke with brimbeads. Whenever one lands on brimbeads > 100, the game crashes.
4- Remove master license and flamebeads from Duke, replace with evo stone lv5, and protection stone.
5- Guild instance #4 crashes the game after each attack, reliably, every time, please fix.
6- Some game guides result in black screen, please check and fix. Game guide is the " ? " in some screens.
7- Bring new people to the game by advertising on App Store.
8- Bring old players back by fixing issues and offering them some nice bonus: 100k Dia, 1 bill gold, and 5k seraph creeds would be good start.
9- Keep the good deals going.
10- Continue giving good bonuses for $2.99 purchase.
11- Bring out new quests.
12- Give more promote stuff, promote is not moving after lvl71 or so...
13- Give out the rainbow colored promote item
14- Sell stamina potions regularly at discounted price at unlimited quantities.
15- Sell resistance and parry rare gems regularly, I forgot their name...
16- Sell honor boxes regularly, for less than 177 Dia 17- allow lv15 evo to be inherited

Don't like what I wrote?
Then you should go and love yourself!

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Post time: 2017-03-26 05:58:13
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-03-26 06:00

On chests were the reward is static, like flamebeads,  there should be an option to open in multiples 10x and 100x.  It takes far too long open large quantities of chests.  It would be awesome if all chests could have this feature added.

speaking of chests, we need more storage space! At least another page on both the bank and in the backpack would be very nice.

Oh, have I mentioned that training is still broken and NEEDS to be fixed?  Oh yea, I have (and I'd guess every other person playing this game has too) for however long the mysterious and elusive  "Devs" FUBAR'd it.  

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Post time: 2017-03-27 06:01:13
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-03-27 06:01

As a response to today's event which lists things you're working on fixing - first, kudos for doing so.  If you truly make it through all or most of this stuff, you're on the right path.

One comment:  IF the solution to "fix" training is exclusively to open up dragonic to all or more (lower VIP) that is NOT a fix.  1,500 dias for one round of fast training dragonic is insanely overpriced and makes training significantly more expensive than it ever was before; I'd call it cost prohibitive in fact.   Plus, if someone wasn't VIP6 it's because they do not regularly buy dias which means they are not going to be able to afford spending 1,500 dias/attempt to level a comp from b to xx.  

I'll remain anticipated that this is not your "fix" and that the "devs" are going to make training great again by putting the odds of success back as it once was and if a player WANTS (vs must) use dragonic fast training to level their comps, that's their choice.  

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Post time: 2017-03-27 10:19:38
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I can't say much more other than just please dedicate April to fixing everything listed above and more. I've sent multiple videos and I'm sure many others have as well.

However an "outside of the box" suggestion is to put an extra maintenance period to fix these things more periodically. I am perfectly fine with maintenance going down every week instead of every other week if it means fixing things that much sooner.

I am also perfectly okay with emergency maintenance periods to happen. Granted things should be fixed and good to go before they go live on public servers, but I know things happen. I'm okay with missing civil war or something and just getting compensation after the emergency maintenance if it means cleaning up a mistakes you guys had made. Other games do it and it keeps their player base happier and retains them better. Heck, even you guys did it back in the day, and that did keep a lot of us happy. So bring that back. I want to put 5 stars on the app store and actually mean it.

Oh and don't forget Metatron's stun, since Uriel's stun was mentioned to be fixed but not Metatron's. I lost the last CoH partially because of that. #salty

Oh and on forums I'm still stuck as a Bishop and it won't let me upgrade that even though I have enough to go higher. Although maybe one of you people can help me with that.

Other than that. . .please work hard and quickly. I know constant criticism can sometimes be demoralizing from a dev point of view, but trust me it will go away and we will thank you and stay longer if things get done.

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