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Author: Freja

[Game News] Make DBE Great Again! [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-28 12:31:03
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I would like to make a suggestion since I have heard that you are supposed to be working on fixing training and opening up dragonic training to everyone. Since people who had access to dragonic training got the 80% off training, why not make an event, after the training IS FIXED, that always the players to get the same 80% off for 2 to 3 weeks like the higher vips had. I believe that would be fair to all players that way.

While I am here, I would like to see more Guild related things. Right now guilds are just kinda boring. I play another game called war dragons. In that game, the guild can share resources with other guild mates. Now I'm not saying we need to be able to share Dias or give old comps to our guild mates, but if there was a way to share items between members of the same guild to work towards a common goal. I believe it would make this a stronger game with more competition between guilds. Maybe even make it to where we can declare war on another guild for resources. The winner of the war between local guilds could get 500-1000 Dias added to ring boss pool or some other prize for winning. Basically what I'm saying is make it to where the guilds work together to earn something, not just show up once a week for ring boss and once a month for crbg.
Yes we all love new features and new comps, but please do take the time to fix what is wrong with the current game before adding in new items.
Speaking of new features, some players don't have time to play daily, life happens. Take a friend of mine from my guild. He had a lot of things going on and has missed the last month or so of playing. He came back and saw all this new stuff in such a short time and has missed out on relic pieces so now he can't even use the relics. When you introduce new things into the game that require a currency or a trade, there needs to be a way for people to continue to get the item needed for such a trade. As of right now there is no way to get relic pieces, so here in a month or so when you release them again, what if they aren't online during that time, I guess they just lose out huh. I understand limited time comps. Like take champ for instance, he was a limited time comp but you did give people multiple chances on getting. Eventually he needs to be added in somewhere for everyone to get like you have done with hummingbird. But items need to be made available on a regular basis. This week we got new titles but to get all of the new titles you have to buy a dragon badge, so if we don't have the Dias to buy this item this week, will we ever see it available again? Or are we out of luck? Will it be added to the mall or does it disappear for months?
If you promote teamwork instead of who can spend the most this week, you will be around longer. At the current rate, people are dropping like flies? How much longer before you become
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Post time: 2017-03-28 14:38:41
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The truth be told ... nothing has changed..

I posted in here regarding an evo issue I had. I have a great rhythm with the EVO interface and have never missed a protection stone when I intended to use one. I posted on this forum and messaged the devs in game.
After a few messages back and forth explaining what happened in as much detail as ingame mail allows, I received the usual "devs are looking into it, please be patient."

Then I encountered a new issue. I had amassed 170-180,000 Babel Bricks, and wanted to upgrade a critical babel on Freddy from Level 7 to level 8. Unfortunately, I did not have the required GOLD amount and got a message stating "Insufficient GOLD" (from recollection) Later that day, I had obtained enough gold from the events to make up the difference and went to Aeon screen to do the upgrade. That's when I noticed I had 34,000 Babel Bricks.  I can only assume that the attempted upgrade took the babel bricks but the upgrade failed because of my gold deficiency.... and the babel bricks were not returned.
I reported this immediately, and there has been multiple different replies. One said (They can not see how much Babel I had)  others said they are looking into it.

On Friday, I reminded them of both issues that I was awaiting for a response fro. They gave me another generic response  (devs were notified be patient...).
The day progressed and my patience was wearing thin. I messaged them again.

Saturday rolls around and still no response. I message them again. Today they respond that "It's saturday and devs will look into it on Monday." I of course responded --- this is going for 2 days now, I need it remedied." LAter I decided to evo the missing Tiers back on my main (to T15) and check if all my failures at T16 (when the problem happened (estimated 30 failures) would still be there... no they were not. I messaged them agains ans told them this, and asked them to pass on what I felt was a suitable and fair solution. I asked them for 2 ultimate evo charms as reimbursement for the evo loss (30 prot stones, 120 lvl 5 evo stones, and Tier 14 and tier 15). I felt 2 ultimat charms was a fair solution and simple. I also reminded them of the missing Babel, and that I was not happy with the customer service.
They insisted they let the devs know and I would hear from them on Monday.

Monday morning - I had a message that read - How much Babel bRicks do I have currently. - so I checked and I had 90,000 - I receive approx 20K babel a day for levels 1-100 all completed on HARD.

They later responded that my babel is working fine... and that was the end of it in their eyes.

I rebutted that in one message. they again claim they see no record of any issue.Then asked about a reponse regarding my evo issue. To which they asked "What happened with Evo"

I lost it and explained it with every possible expletitive followed by an F'ing non apology because I have now explained the evo issue 3 times.

Checked this forum - only to see that they did not bother responding to my message in here about EVO.



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Post time: 2017-03-28 14:41:19
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Nemesis replied at 2017-03-23 15:06
Sell the company to someone who wants to take care of it and the players.

and the winner of the best idea is...... THIS POST!!!!
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Post time: 2017-03-28 14:44:31
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Ok, I'll start by saying after all these guys have stated the same things I should rely have to reiterate it. I wI'll say a few things, as much as I used to enjoy this game a lot of the "luster" has went away. Between the same events every single week, to obsolete parts of the game, and to all the people who have quit because they have been betrayed by you and whoever it is that replies in game when we have an issue. I would like to see evo completely overhauled. We have been asking and asking to have the fail set up on a few of the first tiers, i.e. 5-9. Also 16-20 was added with a new level 5 stone, requiring 20 lvl 4 stones to make 1, should that not reset the amount of tries it takes to make it to the next tier? Instead of 50+ per teir? Maybe start out at 10 tries for 16? That's still 200 lvl 4 stones.
- Next subject, let's think about the old parts of this game that haven't changed, ruins of twylight, trials of eternity, the shrine, exploration. These are current areas of the game that could use updated, when all comps are explored what then? When all is upgraded in the shrine what then? Ruins of twylight could have new things added, I believe you get energy and nimbus 2 times.
-Also with the gold and honor and experience for pve, not much more is given per lvl compared to what was in the beginning. I'm sure there is more I can elaborate on but this enough for now.

Ditto on what everyone else has said, seems like most are good ideas. Make DBE Great again

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Post time: 2017-03-28 14:52:41
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As for the game issues...

They are still ignoring tthe Sariel being countered issue.

Their offer to basically make Draconic training available to lower VIP's - is a lazy joke response to fixing Training. Training should be fixed, and yes allowing Draconic Training to lower VIP is needed. The gap between spenders and non is too large, but this is really a joke.. the gap is too large because materials are largely only available in the quantities needed by spending money. This will do nothing to close the gap, and fixes training by FORCING PLAYERS to only use DIAS to train...

I just wanted to point out the idiocy of this proposed solution. other than that.. I don't care.

The devs can continue to fuck up the game in anyway they see fit. I am quitting. I was thinking of selling my account, but that just means someone will probably spend more using my account. I don't want to see this game receive another fucking $1.00 from anyone. They don't derve it. They actually never have. Their customer service is total shit and always has been. Their product is flawed and always has been and now it's just worse than ever, thanks to their lazy neglect of what could have been a great game.

My account will be used minimally by me only. Just enough to get the bigger weekly and login rewards but no more daily grind. I will use  it for CRBG CRASHES errrrr.. CRBG Battles.. yeah battles..and I might stay popping in for COH. but I have spent too much time and too much money on a game that fails to live up to expectations every single day.

I invite everyone to join me.




Montipora S12 Virote

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Post time: 2017-03-28 16:57:29
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Montipora replied at 2017-03-28 14:52
As for the game issues...

They are still ignoring tthe Sariel being countered issue.

This sucks to hear Monti but I'm not too surprised by this lack of response.  Seems par for the course.

For sure, expecting non-spenders (i.e less than VIP 6) to spend 1,500 dias per attempt...wtf.  I know they're giving more dias away in game but how much per level even if you get the unusal 78 to stats?   A minimum of tens of thousands of dias per training tier.   This is NOT a FIX, it's more b.s. service and hoping we're too stupid to notice or care.

I'll keep playing because I enjoy the people on the server and my guild but my spending has dropped significantly and will continue to drop.  

Hell, the next $$ grab is coming with this new assassin release or some such nonsense.  The angels haven't eff'd the game up enough?   The "devs" should realize if they really want this game to survive and people to spend, just fix the stuff that's there and make the day to day more enjoyable.  We don't need more toys, we need the toys we have to work properly and content to work as intended and be brought into line with your player base's levels and power.  Again, I'm over 40 days now trying to get to level 124 because I won't grind old ass zones for hours on end.  /yawn.

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Post time: 2017-03-28 20:14:15
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training needs to be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The black market would be great to have once a week like a traveling salesman that's only there on Thursdays. and a ship yard in the guild, guild members can put 2 or 3 items in to trade with other guild members when the ship returns either the traded items are there or sent items are returned.

marilyn scargh - s16

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Post time: 2017-03-28 22:37:49
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Edited by Dracknor at 2017-03-28 22:38

Just about everything was mentioned that's wrong with this game in the above comments.

I will have to say some have complained as to why they make some things hard to reach like new tier levels.... Its to create a challenge and something to shoot for. Its not something that gets released and you instantly get it. I wouldn't play a game that just handed everything to me, it would be pointless and give me no joy from it. Its been less than a week...

The Run duke run doesn't need to have increased in reward output, its fine the way it is. Just the game crashing from getting the higher amount of brimbeads needs to be fixed. the rewards we get from this is great and should be left how it is. Thank you for that.

A great idea which would take a lot of work is too incorporate older comps. Create a system where you can advance 1gs comps to 2gs and 2gs comps to 3gs and 3gs to 4gs. the comps abilities would change as it advances and it would create a wider variety of teams instead of seeing nothing but a field of angels.

I'd like to see more lvls for the aeon master.

I'd like to see the Academy finally built in guild.

Create a lvl 110, 120, and 130 Dragon Lair instances with new armor sets.

Give experience for completing rpts.

I don't want to be a broken record so Kudo's to montipora and zeiken and vin venture on their posts.

Server 13

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Post time: 2017-03-29 17:17:44
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I have a couple things, most of everything has already been posted so I won't keep rehashing the same things.

Obviously training needs fixed, however I would submit a change to the system.  I haven't done diamond training for well over a year because the cost per reward is ridiculously low versus where I could spend my diamonds elsewhere, I only do gold training.  Maybe instituting something like zero failures or at least negative stats illuminated from draconic training.

I tried to submit a bug about the main character change, every time I submitted a report the people responding couldn't understand English enough to realize what I was telling them, they kept responding with a totally off-topic responses that had nothing to do with what I was telling Them.  In short what I found out was that I switched my druid over to a swordsman only to realize that my new swordsman Maine still relied on the druid talents . I ended up switching back because my swordsman Maine was so weak that he was useless compared to all of these other new companions and I was not about to waste diamonds anymore than the 80,000 I already did with this experiment trying to prove that there was a bug.

Third I would like a revamp on Gem's when it comes to reforging, it bugs me to no end that stats cannot be maximized like they can on meta gems, one could spend 1 million diamonds reforging and never get the right star maxed out.

There is something wrong with the ratio between critical and resilience, I have 22,000 crit and on a couple teams I can't crit their 10 K resilience priests or Damien

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Post time: 2017-03-30 16:31:15
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Seems because we don't play the Chinese version of your game y'all don't give 2 shuts about us. I've played it and yeah it has it glitches here and there but nothing( not even 1/10) of what we experience here on this version.


we aren't dumb and even when we do provide the proof of shit y'all say our system shows everything is working fine when it isnt.


in a year time you will lose every big spender but maybe a couple and adding all this new shit is just a slap in our face.

The new events are a even more slap in the face because you stuck all the good rewards in the buy events to get goddamn money. That is all you motherfuckers care about is the damn money and not us.

The money will come with a properly working game if you gave a shit about it but now you are losing money and new players due to this lack of appreciation to those who are showing you bastards support. I haven't seen a single admin response in any of the forum threads we have provided at all which shows us you cocksuckers don't give a fuck about making dbe great again.

Like someone said before just sell the goddamn company to someone who will care enough to fix the shit and not say oh the devs will look into it. Please be patient. Happy gaming. We ain't fucking happy with the responses or the lack of customer response we are recieving. We continue to play cuz of the friends we have made on here but frankly I can communicate with 80% of them on another app.

Get off your fucking high horses cuz if it wasn't for most of us you wud have a bankrupt  game. We are tired of this bullshit and your so called fixes to it are a even bigger joke to us. It's sad when your big money spenders are fighting for the rights of the free players and you look at them and basically say shut up and keep spending on the game as we add more crap for y'all to deal with.

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