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[Discussion] EVO failure [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-23 13:59:35
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1st and foremost...

I just lost two tiers Evoing my main. I was working on Evo 16, using protection stones and greater luck charms.

I lost two tiers. The Game is claiming I did not use protection. I have never had this happen and I always use protection. I need my evo tiers back AND I NEED MY PROGRESS ON TIER 16 back. I had tried and failed 30-40 times (guessing) and I cannot afford to lose all those evo lvl 5 stones and the protection stones that go with it.

Please fix this ASAP devs.

Second.... Why the hell would we need 20 level 4 stones to make 1 level 5 AND the number of failures needed to gain the 100% success still went up to 50? It's like a double penalty.

Without protection stones increased as rewards, this will be tough to justify as a valid expense.

Thank you

Montipora S12 Virote

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Post time: 2017-03-23 18:27:14
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This sucks. Worst part is that it's not even a new bug, this has happened before. There's other threads in support talking about losing tiers with protection stones used but they won't even admit there is a problem.

Good luck getting them to resolve your problem. O hope you are succesful, but I doubt you will have any luck.

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Post time: 2017-03-28 14:40:15
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The truth be told ... nothing has changed..

I posted in here regarding an evo issue I had. I have a great rhythm with the EVO interface and have never missed a protection stone when I intended to use one. I posted on this forum and messaged the devs in game.
After a few messages back and forth explaining what happened in as much detail as ingame mail allows, I received the usual "devs are looking into it, please be patient."

Then I encountered a new issue. I had amassed 170-180,000 Babel Bricks, and wanted to upgrade a critical babel on Freddy from Level 7 to level 8. Unfortunately, I did not have the required GOLD amount and got a message stating "Insufficient GOLD" (from recollection) Later that day, I had obtained enough gold from the events to make up the difference and went to Aeon screen to do the upgrade. That's when I noticed I had 34,000 Babel Bricks.  I can only assume that the attempted upgrade took the babel bricks but the upgrade failed because of my gold deficiency.... and the babel bricks were not returned.
I reported this immediately, and there has been multiple different replies. One said (They can not see how much Babel I had)  others said they are looking into it.

On Friday, I reminded them of both issues that I was awaiting for a response fro. They gave me another generic response  (devs were notified be patient...).
The day progressed and my patience was wearing thin. I messaged them again.

Saturday rolls around and still no response. I message them again. Today they respond that "It's saturday and devs will look into it on Monday." I of course responded --- this is going for 2 days now, I need it remedied." LAter I decided to evo the missing Tiers back on my main (to T15) and check if all my failures at T16 (when the problem happened (estimated 30 failures) would still be there... no they were not. I messaged them agains ans told them this, and asked them to pass on what I felt was a suitable and fair solution. I asked them for 2 ultimate evo charms as reimbursement for the evo loss (30 prot stones, 120 lvl 5 evo stones, and Tier 14 and tier 15). I felt 2 ultimat charms was a fair solution and simple. I also reminded them of the missing Babel, and that I was not happy with the customer service.
They insisted they let the devs know and I would hear from them on Monday.

Monday morning - I had a message that read - How much Babel bRicks do I have currently. - so I checked and I had 90,000 - I receive approx 20K babel a day for levels 1-100 all completed on HARD.

They later responded that my babel is working fine... and that was the end of it in their eyes.

I rebutted that in one message. they again claim they see no record of any issue.Then asked about a reponse regarding my evo issue. To which they asked "What happened with Evo"

I lost it and explained it with every possible expletitive followed by an F'ing non apology because I have now explained the evo issue 3 times.

Checked this forum - only to see that they did not bother responding to my message in here about EVO.



Montipora S12 Virote

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Post time: 2017-03-28 16:47:28
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Shocking, no response here from a mod and the typically useless response "we'll forward it to the devs" from in-game.   

Hey DBE "devs", you're losing another one of your top end players because of your total lack of responsive, and the usual "it's not our issue", customer support.  Paying the bills is going to be tough when you run all of us off; unless that's the goal.

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Post time: 2017-03-28 21:52:19
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Imagine losing tier 16 and going back to tier 15...

That's, "phone against the wall" time....

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Post time: 2017-03-30 01:44:05
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Hi Montipora,we are still checking your babel bricks issue,it's quit complex,pls keep waiting.The evo issue,our system record shows everything,one of your evo was without protection stone,that's true.Thank you.

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Post time: 2017-03-30 07:30:25
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-03-30 07:34
Avril replied at 2017-03-30 01:44
Hi Montipora,we are still checking your babel bricks issue,it's quit complex,pls keep waiting.The ev ...

Avril, do you think any of us are stupid enough to not use a 500 Dia protection stone from T10 (I start at 7)onward to avoid the guaranteed loss of tiers that come with that (unless losing tiers is the intent)?   Let's not even consider Monti is one of the top players in the entire game, who was one of your spenders, you don't think he has the common sense to ensure he has either a 100% charm or protection stone when pushing for t16...Please stop being so obtuse.

There are plenty examples of this issue from other players for you not to realize there is some periodic bug with YOUR game not your players carelessness.  Heck there's another active thread from Chicagomyth that has screenshots showing that he used them but still lost tiers.  Oh that's right, he took photos and then removed the items...yea.

Do the right thing and stop with the lunacy.  Your game is bugged and the only way to make this game great - for the first time - is not just to fix the bugs but to stop blaming your players for the problems those bugs cause

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Post time: 2017-03-30 12:04:43
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It quite comical to receive these messages from their Dev team and customer support. They are simply the most ass backwards company, I think, I have ever dealt with.

We are now 7 days into this. They actually did not respond to this thread for 7 days.
In game message, they do respond daily, but nothing of substance, just vague responses designed to get the player to eventually forget about the problem.

I emailed them info and I restricted responses 5 days after this problem occurred but basically just stating that their system shows a "user failure to use a protection stone."

The system is flawed. Simple coding could fix this altogether but it really is designed to just cause failures hence allow for more Dias spending. This is not a game strategy such as deciding between which formation or lineup to use against a boss or in PvP. This is simple "Tom-fuckery" from the devs against their player base.

Their last response says they cannot reimburse. First, I am under the impression from reading a few messages in this forum that they have reimbursed for evo failure. I was actually quite confident that Chicagomyth problem was eventually reimbursed. I seem to remember another one where someone else was told in these forums by Avril that they were doing the reimbursement.

It doesn't matter. I have been patient with the devs and this games flaws. I have offered a few posts in here to try to motivate change and take this game out of the downward spiral it has been on for the last 18 months. I have also offered frustrated rants aimed at the devs hoping they would see how ass backwards stupid their responses and decisions are from the players point of view.

I have accepted that I will just be a part time player. Involved just to continue to build the minimal amount I can as a non spender, involved to be a part of my guild as we have developed a sense of family and comradrie that I enjoy, involved on my server as we have a solid community there.

But I will very rarely complete 100rt pts nor farm the daily items that have virtually no gain for my comps nor guild.  I will not buy 88dias nor 300 nor any amount going forward. Not without this issue resolved, the Babel bricks resolved, IN A MANNER I FIND SATISFACTORY AND FAIR, and NOT WITHOUT A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IN EVO MECHANICS SO THAT THIS ISSUE CAN BE PREVENTED FOR FUTURE PLAYERS AND NOT WITHOUT a continued honest and transparent effort from the dev team to change from "Tom-Fuckery" mentality to one where they allow growth in the game with good customer relations and a focus aimed at a fun playing experience for all players. You know.... Like a business should be run.

Those are my terms. Those are my terms if they want another $1.00 from me. I only hope you guys will agree to those terms and join me by not spending a single fucking $1.00 on this game. Not another $1.00
Montipora S12 Virote

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Post time: 2017-03-31 09:37:21
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Update: this morning I received a lvl 14 and lvl 15 evo charm.

On paper these seems like a good solution, but falls tremendously short of a fair reimbursement.

Also lost in this evo glitch, 30 attempts at T16.

Yes that is approx 120 lvl 5 Evo stones(also known as 2400 lvl4 evo stones ) and 30
Prot stones. That is a greater loss than the two charms they provided.

I had proposed a fair solution was two ultimate charms as to simplify the solution and make it more representative of what was lost. I also think that is too much and maybe it is best if they just reimburse me for my attempts at T16.

Whatever the solution. This is a step forward but not enough to be considered a fair reimbursement.

nothing has changed.
Montipora S12 Virote

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Post time: 2017-04-01 03:54:54
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Their complete lack of sympathy and appreciation for the people that pay their bills, us, the players, is quite simply utterly disgusting. That lack will one day piss off the wrong person who has more than enough means to take some form of legal action. Out of all the games I've played in my life, this one has the more blatantly ignorant and greedy business model to completely fuck their players, and let me tell you, I've played a TON of Activision and EA games.

Also, one of the players on my server, S17, figured out their evo system. He claimed it is based on a pass/fail system for the game as a whole, because the whole % thing is improbable. Also, I have no coding experience but isn't a if/than statement impossible to make a % work anyways? Either way, the system essentially lies and false advertises about a % chance at hitting the next tier when in reality, as Monti said, is specifically designed to mislead and make the player consistently fail, ignoring their "X%" chance.

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