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Author: Montipora

[Discussion] EVO failure [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-04-03 15:30:06
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Well said Pheonix...

My issues with EVO and the Devs are growing by the day.

They have refused to do additonal reimbursement besides the T14 and T15 charms they sent. I have explained to them, that this does not begin to reimburse me for the approx 30 attempts to achieve T16. thats 15,000 Dias for protection stones AND 120 Lvl 5 Evo stones (2400 Lvl 4 Stones)...

Additonally I have a babel brick issue where I had 130K+ babel bricks disappear from my inventory. I had attempted a Lvl 8 upgrade but had insufficient gold. Once I got some gold, I went back later to upgrade and the BB were gone. My math is not exactt, but I can approximate the missing amount, and considering the cost in babel bricks for a lvl 8 upgrade is 136K+, I can only assume that the game might have taken the BB's but not completed the upgrade due to lack of gold. I have no way to verify it, as none of my alts have any BB but pletny of gold currently.

These issues are bad enough, but as I have stated many time, I AM DONE SPENDING ANY $$$ ON THIS GAME AND I AM HOPING THAT MANY OF YOU PLAYERS FOLLOW SUIT AND SUPPORT THIS BOYCOTT. I AM NOT asking you to do this for me. I am asking you to do this for all of us, and to motivate the developers to change their flawed systems, operate with more transparency to their customer base, fix the many other game issues properly and fairly for all players, add playable content that allows players to farm exp, and "rare drop items" in some way, add new daily events that players actually want to do. AND IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Montipora S12 Virote

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Post time: 2017-04-05 20:47:57
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Dear Montipora, we had checked much times, if insufficient gold Babel Bricks will not get deducted to upgrade babel force. Please kindly remember. Thanks

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Post time: 2017-04-20 11:30:14
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Just like trying to get from 8 to 9 over 40 fails.
Wolfrave S11-Glory

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