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[Discussion] Make Dbe Better by doing what we need done [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-03-23 17:25:57
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This is just another attempt at trying to have yall hear our voices on what is wrong with the game and understand our frustrations. Some issues have been going on for years but alot of our major issues have been happening in the last 3 months since yall added thr fast train feature. Here is how we the players suggest on fixing the game and a outlook into your new peoblems that have arisen since maintenance

1. FIX TRAINING.....put it back the way it was as your new system only works for vip6 or higher. You are losing players and money because new people are not going to stick around and play a game where you have to pay to advance or compete in. 90% of my server and people i play with are not vip6 so they dont stand a chance to train any comps and new players have no chance at all. PLEASE FIX THIS FIRST AND FOREMOST BEFORE ANYTHING NEW GETS ADDED

2. New accounts are getting stuck on the forging quest which isnt totally broken. If you hit the 10x forge you can pass it. But come on please make it to where it works with just 1x forge

3. Diamond upgrade for titles doesnt work. It takes your dias but gives no upgrade to the stats. Compensation would be appreciated on this matter as its bs that it takes the dias but gives us nothing in return.

4. Run duke Run now freezes or boots out of the game when you land on the 50 brimbeads. We do appreciate the new features to run duke run as the aeon trails were getting old but now new issues have risen with the new adds.

5. New title feature...there are no defensive stats to choose from to add to it. No phy,mag,or skl def and both the green and thr gold ha e the same stat based. 1703 for a max. Shudnt they differ in stat based max as they are in different ranking classes.
6. Remiel is critical hitting Uriel even.when he is paired with Sariel who according to the angel bonds is supposed to be critical immune. Sariel is being dodged by Remiel and countered by Micheal. These issues have been happening for a long time except the critical issue. Now also seems Sariel isn't critical hitting comps even with a 17k against a 3k resilience which is crap.

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Post time: 2017-03-24 09:46:33
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All of the errors should have been fixed prior to this new title crap

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