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Author: Vin_venture

[Discussion] "Greatness" [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-05-17 18:40:53
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Edited by lilmouse1978 at 2017-05-17 21:26

this is not the reply they were looking for, avril in fact you just made it worse... your costumer service sucks!if you really wanna make dbe great again well then start treating your players with respect, that is the BIGGEST  problem with dbe at the moment, without us this game would be nothing. i love everyone on my server if they leave then game over

marilyn scargh s16/17/18/19

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Post time: 2017-05-18 05:57:19
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-05-18 05:59
Avril replied at 2017-05-17 13:33
Dear friend, Sorry for inconvenience that brings. I will report your listed problem to devs. They wi ...

Gee, Avril, thanks for that thoughtful response after 5 days of this post being up.   It'll take me some time to absorb the many subtle nuances.

The devs will do what they've been doing for months, exactly what they want and not what we want.  Today's crappy update proves that.  More ways to fluff up our teams and o/a but nothing to address the months of great feedback and suggestions we, your players, have been offering.   Another zone which provides ZERO experience. ZERO.  Yay.  Oh, and many players are now having issues today.  Black screens galore. Congratulations to the dev team on another failed update.
Oh, wait we can stack to 99,999 now. So one of the things but one of the more trivial compared to the many things we've suggested to improve the day to day experience.

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Post time: 2017-06-04 20:22:50
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