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Post time: 2017-05-24 20:28:45
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-05-25 18:50

CRBG eff'd up AGAIN!  Not only did it start before 20:10, we were fighting guilds not even in our own bracket and to top it off we 'lost' again despite winning our matchup.  (As I understand it, Redrum got screwed this time too).  Alas, nothing was done about last month, or the 4 previous, so I'm confident nothing will be fixed and no compensation this time either.  
Nothing was done about the borked crwb event, which broke not just once but twice.  

Cain was released but on some devices is unusuable.

Teams with Remi are now soloing much better teams bc of your screwed up additions.   Easy to make him PA and SA immune and then he dodges all other attacks; except counter.  Eva can counter him to death but Sari, Hubris, Cain, etc can't touch him.  Makes total sense.

As always, I could go on and on about how screwed up this game is but you really don't care and have proven it repeatedly.

It's clear that your devs are the definition of incompetence; even your own GMs realize they 'just did something stupid''.  Yep, I've got that mail saved.  

I'm about over you and over this game.  I stick around only bc of my guild and the fun we have together but you're even making that harder.  Because of your incompetence we've lost 8 quality players in the last week plus.  Thanks a lot for that...

I'm sure this will get a response in 4 days and it'll be the same weak ass response Avril provided last time. Save it for someone who cares.  

GL of Joker, s11

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Post time: 2017-05-25 17:58:02
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I couldn't agree more, I'm glad that you have stuck around Vin,  you seem to be a good voice of reason for the community. Too bad the devs of this game couldn't just take a break from releasing everything as fast as they can, to just repair some of the glitches that are in this game. I hate to see good players quitting. It really sucks the fun out of this game,

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Post time: 2017-05-25 23:01:47
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Edited by Speeter at 2017-05-25 23:02

Good job boss.  Games not worth another minute, file your claims, get your refunds and walk away.  Devs don't care which has become more obvious than ever, maybe it'll sink in when they are writing checks instead of cashing them.  My guild is the only been reason I stayed as long as I did, at least I have line to keep in touch

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Post time: 2017-05-28 06:12:59
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Edited by Vin_venture at 2017-05-28 06:15

Since this post, 3 days ago, we did get comp for this month's CRBG but that comp wasnt targeted to the guilds who wasted 2 hours and were impacted directly by the thing breaking nope, it was a game wide compensation for everyone. (I'm glad for them bc they got screwed in other aspects of this game so it is deserved, in general).  Still nothing, however, for last month's CRBG or this months CRWB.   And, we also got another update which FUBAR'd the game even more.

Unknown error 3 effecting:  RB, WB, dungeon, MPs, elites (doing as part of RPs), aeon practice, abysmal, etc is making the game nearly unplayable.  I was instructed to delete and reinstall the game - shocking that didn't fix.

I was asked to send my user id and password so GMs could log into my account and check issues.  Really?  Your game design is so bad that your GMs cant even do system/maintenance checks through logs or other parts of the system to do this internally?  

New Flare gem, can't socket it on Sariel saying she already has a similar gem socketed (I only have 1) but I can socket it on Michael no problem.

Mystic swamp.  For some reason, Hubris went from attacking directly in front of her to the mob at the bottom.  Nothing changed except for the update.

Speaking of this update: added more nonsense to make us stronger but nothing to improve the actual game.  No expansion of the content, no improvement to experience, no new zones.

Oh, I forgot to mention the more important part of that that new crappy mystic swamp.  Only one comp at a time, relegating healers useless, Cain's revive doesn't work, etc.  Oh, and ZERO experience for doing it.  Another way to power up our comps with the dragon souls, so the devs get what they want and we get...ignored, again.  Yay us.

Email response from a "supervisor" - basically, pls be anticipated, our devs hear your concerns and we are sorry you are "angry" (don't mistake disgust with anger) we will look to fix some of these issues in June."  June?  So no intent to fix the immediate to address the "unknown error 3" which is adversley effecting gamaplay today...pls happy gaming, indeed.  LOL

All of this really helps with pending claims but I would have much preferred solutions and fixes to the game and you addressing our requests and concerns.  Alas, SSDD (same ish, different day if you don't know the acronym)


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Post time: 2017-06-04 20:22:14
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you can say that again

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Post time: 2017-06-09 08:11:48
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Speeter replied at 2017-05-26 00:01
Good job boss.  Games not worth another minute, file your claims, get your refunds and walk away.  D ...

Question .. File your claims, get your refunds ... could you expand on that, please?  I quit playing a few months ago, for all practical purposes, but never deleted the game.  Hubby and I have characters 100+ level, on both 'droid and IOS

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