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[Bug] S4/5/6/7 Downtime [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2017-06-30 10:13:35
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Server 4/5/6/7 was down nearly all day yesterday.  I think the total downtime was around 18 hours.  Because of that, most players were unable to do any events.  Your in-game messages said you could not locate the issue, but would turn the server back on today and "watch it."  Our observer has said that it was a server cache/memory leak issue.  Either way, by your admission, it's still not fixed.  Also, as a result of the server downtime, your trigger code to end PVP season and start the next season didn't fire off, so PVP is totally broken on our server now.  We've been told you will be manually restarting PVP for our server, but it hasn't happened yet.  Questions that are still outstanding are:

- Because PVP hasn't been reset, we haven't received our end-of-season prizes/titles.  When are you sending those?  And when are you resetting PVP for us?
- You've offered no explanation for the downtime, what caused it, or how you're going to remedy it.  As such, why should anybody on our server spend a dime on this game, knowing it could bomb out at any second.  I stopped spending a while ago, but for some unknown reason, there are still people on our server who do hand you cash for a broken game every day.
- What are you doing as compensation for this mysterious and unsolved downtime?  At a bare minimum, we should be given everything obtainable via the daily events.  So everything we would have otherwise gotten from doing dailies.  The login event rewards.  The daily check-in rewards that some people cannot get now because of the downtime.  We should get some dia to cover having to buy extra multiplayer runs to meet the event total.  That's not being greedy.  Those are only the things we'd have otherwise obtained for free by doing our dailies.
- What are you doing as compensation, above those minimums, as a "we're sorry" to your players?
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Post time: 2017-06-30 22:16:27
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Our devs are doing their best try to solve this issue now.
We will give out reasonable Compensations after this issue being fixed.
Thank you for your feedback.
See you some day in the future!

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Post time: 2017-06-30 23:52:02
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I want to emphasize one more time that s4-7 had the worst of this downtime and this server deserves a substantial compensation for it.

This is the second day s4-7 was not able to join the game.
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Post time: 2017-07-01 04:55:06
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Gonna be some pissed off peeps
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Post time: 2017-07-02 22:32:40
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Edited by CaptSavageKilla at 2017-07-02 23:43

My favorite part about this whole situation is the compensation. Many if not ALL of the servers crashed. For a substantial amount of time. Many of us losing at least a WHOLE DAY! Yet it was only what S1-3 or S4-7 who got 7777 dias and 100 dice as well as a 100% Charm, and the rest of us got 777 dias and like 3 dragon amulets as well as like 25 dice? This im sorry to say is not right. We want equality. And I will not be logging back in until this has been resolved. Yet I do not expect this to happen. You never may good on your mistakes. You will just throw another purchase event up and expect players to just spend. Which I find hilarious considering you really only had 3 real spenders in your little spend event. Good we saw who all spent. Did not work out as intended did it?? Fact of the matter is this. We pay you for services. You are not coming through at all. People are leaving. Spenders are not spending anymore. We have given you many chances to "Make this game great again" but you spit in our faces. This game is going to die. Best of luck for your "Future" because it will not be with DBE.

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