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  • Real NameCloud
  • GenderMale
  • Day of birth1996 Year
  • Living CityForeign Countries U.S.
  • Job OccupationPocketGamer

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Rizahawkeye 2015-09-04 09:29:48
Rizahawkeye 2015-08-21 07:13:51
Hinicetomeetu 2014-11-12 19:36:30
Hi can u plz help me? Thx
Danny 2014-07-18 22:16:41
Nice avatar cloud, this Herculus from s2 Rise
MoonChu 2014-05-11 19:39:50
Nice background
Avril 2014-03-22 23:29:08
CloudXCloud: Another question arvil, i have 23 threads on the forums now but i haven't received the medal, i have a hunch why but why haven't i received the lord o ...
Sorry didn't notice this one earlier,for this question,i don't know the reason yet.Have you got the medals now ?
Avril 2014-03-22 23:27:53
CloudXCloud: I'm not able to post any threads because your database keeps encountering a problem
    You can not make post now ? Any system notice pops up ? My dear friend.
Avril 2014-02-26 19:46:45
CloudXCloud: Arvil quick question, does a poll count as a thread? I'm on my 19th thread if my rate dbe poll counts :)
Hi´╝îmy dear friend.Yes,a poll also counts as a thread.If you have any other issue,pls contact us back.Thanks.
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