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Hinicetomeetu 2016-04-14 18:48:45
Kk. Which college did you go to?
Ianiank 2016-04-13 00:12:06
Ianiank Line name =9
Hinicetomeetu 2016-04-07 17:27:22
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! What was your GPA in HS and college? Whats your LINE ID?
Ianiank 2016-04-06 22:03:48
Sure thing ask away
Hinicetomeetu 2016-04-06 18:09:39
Yes I do. I need help with a school suvey five questions no personal questions
Ianiank 2016-04-05 21:25:20
Sure bro! Do u have line?
Hinicetomeetu 2016-04-05 16:28:33
SAMs same... 2 years, you? Can you please help me?
Ianiank 2016-04-05 00:36:47
I m in GA and 26 how long have u been on Dbe?
Hinicetomeetu 2016-04-04 16:51:48
Yeah it is haha. Lol. Wee, what state and how old are you?
Ianiank 2016-04-03 19:24:34
Same here bro! Is that u in pic? Is cuz your gender is secret lol
Hinicetomeetu 2016-04-03 15:10:06
Hey bro, I am from USA. What about you??? :) XDDD
Ianiank 2016-04-02 13:16:49
What's uppppppppp !! XD where r u from?
Welcometohell 2016-01-10 00:25:37
OMG, its you again! :)
Hinicetomeetu 2015-09-28 06:01:40
School survey, 3 questions no personal questions
Rizahawkeye 2015-09-26 19:41:40
Hinicetomeetu: Please help me
what do you need help with? i'll do the best i can to help out
Hinicetomeetu 2015-09-26 16:52:31
Hi can you please help me
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